No staff pushes Crooked River project vote to March 19

When Casco Town Manager David Morton looked at his March calendar, he realized there was a big problem looming.

SAD 61 scheduled its referendum vote for March 12 regarding Crooked River School construction and renovation. Morton’s problem — who would count Casco’s votes?

The three people who handle Casco’s voting won’t be available. One is out on vacation, and unable to alter plans. Another is in the midst of medical treatment. The third had delayed surgery twice, and will be in recovery when the March 12 vote is held.

Morton asked the SAD 61 School Board Monday night to push the referendum vote to the next week — Tuesday, March 19. The person out on vacation leave will be back to handle Casco’s voting on the 19th, Morton noted.

Director Stan Buchanan asked whether someone could be trained in time to enable SAD 61 to stay on schedule? Morton said Casco staff will be splitting duties to cover the three workers out on leave, and likely unable to add another task to the list. Morton noted that when the town’s next manager is hired, creating a bigger ballot clerk pool could be considered.

Superintendent Al Smith has touched base with Bridgton and Naples officials, and found that a date change to March 19 will work.

“The biggest concern will be people who show up on March 12 to vote,” Smith said. “They would be given an absentee ballot and given the opportunity that day to vote.”

The board agreed to move the referendum vote from March 12 to March 19.

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