Naples Farmers Market a smash and pumpkins coming

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — In September, it is usually the football field or the soccer field that is maintained and marked so that it can be used by young athletes.

In Naples, the grassy field next to the fire station was prepped for the startup of the farmers market.

While it might be a late start in the growing season, most of the attendees were pleased that there is now a Naples Farmers Market.

Bob Nyberg is one of the organizers. Nyberg also serves as vice chairman of the Naples Budget Committee and sits on the Naples Parks, Recreation and Facilities Committee.

He recently reported to the Naples Board of Selectmen on how well received the farmers market was, especially with the highly-visible venue by the fire station.

“The fields were great,” he said.

“We had six vendors. The vendors were friendly and nice. They were all from Naples,” Nyberg said.

“We were steady all day long. It was steady all day. It was never jammed. There was no problem with parking,” he said.

“Most people were from Naples. People said it was a good idea,” he said.

The Naples Farmers Market will hold a Jack O’ lantern contest on Oct. 14 to increase attendance and give community members a chance to take part in seasonal activities.

“I’ve talked to few people. Everybody is pretty excited. There would be couple categories for adults and children,” Nyberg said. “It is just for fun. We wanted to get some more things going on.”

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