Naples CEO to resign

Naples Code Enforcement Officer Boni Rickett stands next to one of the many region maps in the Naples Town Office on Tuesday. Rickett plans to resign from her position on Oct. 12. (De Busk Photo)

NAPLES — Some of the skills required for a capable code enforcement officer include “being patient and courteous” and “being able to interpret local and state regulations,” according to Boni Rickett.

After four years of serving in the capacity of code enforcement officer (CEO) and a total of 10½ years with the Town of Naples, Rickett turned in her resignation papers.

“I have enjoyed working with the residents, and helping them to figure out what they can do with their properties. And, of course, I’ve enjoyed the people I have worked with,” Rickett said on Tuesday.

“I am resigning from my position here to pursue other options in my field,” she said.

Her resignation was made public during a Naples Board of Selectmen meeting.

Town Manager Derek Goodine announced Rickett’s plans to leave the department as well as outlining a timeline for conducting interviews and filling the vacancy.

“I had asked her — when she gave me a hint of this — to give me enough time to fill the position. And, she kept her promise,” Goodine said.

“If I had only a two weeks’ notice, I would be scrambling. We would have to rely on other towns’ CEOs,” Goodine said.

He added that those code enforcement officers in neighboring towns may already be contacted to help with the transition period this autumn.

The deadline for turning in the resume packages for the CEO position is Sept. 8; and Goodine hopes to begin conducting interviews by Sept. 12.

Goodine said he would like to establish a panel to participate in the interview process — similar to the method used to select Rickett four years ago.

“Some people may have been interviewed in the past, and may be fresh in the minds” of people who served on the interview panel last time.

After hearing the news, Selectman Rick Paraschak provided accolades for Rickett.

“I want to publically thank Boni for her service, and wish her the best in future endeavors,” Paraschak said.

Goodine agreed that Rickett’s service has been invaluable.

“She is a multi-tasking CEO. She can fill any position in the office,” he said.

“She can write what a want to write for an answer before I even say it. We have been working together that long,” Goodine said.

According to Rickett, a common inquiry that is unique to the lakes region has to do with rules governing construction and tree removal on waterfront parcels.

“The shoreland ordinance is always a big issue — making that information available for shoreland property owners,” she said.

“I do get a lot of calls people interested in properties. I help out prospective buyers. They ask what the regulations are for the properties” that they are considering buying, she said.


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