Naples board votes to buy, fly flag on Causeway

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — Naples Selectman Bob Caron II said he is proud of how good the Causeway looks during the Christmas season with lights wrapped around the bridge railings and around the large flag pole at the scenic vista.

Still, there is one thing missing, he said.

The pole has no American flag flying from it, he said.

“It just looks bare and unpatriotic,” Caron said during the Naples Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday.

He said he knew that the flag was removed from the pole during the winter months to avoid the wear and tear that occurs.

Other towns in Maine keep American flags up during the winter, he said.

“The town should invest in two flags. Other towns do it,” Caron said.

“It needs to be there. To have it down during the winter months is not right,” he said.

Selectman Jim Turpin said it might be equally distasteful for people to see the flag in tatters after spending a winter exposed to Long Lake’s weather.

Caron said the remedy would be to remove the Old Glory before the onset of an ice storm or a Nor’easter.

The board voted unanimously to authorize Naples Town Manager John Hawley to purchase a flag using money from the Unanticipated Expenses fund.

According to websites, a large, commercial-grade American flag costs between $1,200 and $1,500. A large flag is also called a garrison flag. A garrison flag has the dimensions of 20 ft. x 38 ft.

According to Hawley, “Historically, since the flag was installed, the fire department takes care of the flags.”

“In doing so, they made the determination to not fly the flag during the winter because of the damage the flags have received and because the Naples Fire Association does not have the funds to replace the flags.”

The selectmen want the flag back up, he said.

“The select board voted to have the flag there,” he said.

Hawley anticipated that there would not be a new flag on the Causeway until the New Year. He said he still needed to “find out what the cost of the flags are and to purchase one.”

A firetruck ladder is not required to hoist the flag into place. There is a key system that lowers and raises the flag, Hawley said.

“Likely, we won’t see it up until the first of the year although sooner would be nice,” he said.

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