Name rings round up a few husbands

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NICE RING TO IT — Businessman Rick Tremblay inscribes a ring by using a mallet. Tremblay opened Name Rings by Quality Unlimited in a booth on the Naples Causeway. (Photo by Dawn De Busk)

NAPLES — When Rick Tremblay opened his custom-inscribed ring business, he had no idea it would appeal to a certain sector of the male population: husbands who have lost their wedding bands.

One man had expanded his family since the day he permanently misplaced his wedding band. So, he decided to include not only his wife’s name, but also the names of their three daughters on his new ring.

“Several husbands have been happy to get a replacement for a lost wedding band,” according to Tremblay’s wife, Regina.

Meanwhile, another type of customer is the soon-to-be-wed couple. Men who’ve been considering the journey down the aisle have walked away with name rings to match one on the hand of their future mate.

In early July, Tremblay set up shop on the Naples Causeway, situating the business, Name Rings by Quality Unlimited, on the lawn near Charlie’s Cafe.  The business is open Wednesday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and on the weekends from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

From a wooden booth that he handcrafted, he sells five different styles of rings.

What makes the stainless steel rings so unusual is: the customer can decide what is inscribed on the outside of the ring. The customer can choose a name or short message for the world to see.

“People can enjoy watching the ring made before their very eyes,” Regina said.

She said all five styles are comfortable to wear and include: a silver band edged with gold, a three-layer effect, flat surface, brush effect and plain.

“The one that has a brush effect — it shines because of the cut on the band,” she said.

Rick said he charges a consistent price: $20 per ring, no matter how many letters are inscribed on the jewelry.

Regina Tremblay described Rick’s business as “quaint and friendly in a covered-bridge style booth” that he built with his own hands.

Tremblay’s longtime business is Quality Unlimited, and he does finishing carpentry on a contractual basis. But, he wanted to build upon his income base.

He has resided in Naples for one-quarter century, and during those years here, he has brainstormed beginning a business on the town’s Causeway.

“I’ve always wanted to do something on the Causeway. With all the renovation being done on the Causeway, I thought now would be a good time,” he said.

Tremblay got the idea from his brother-in-law who sells name rings in Florida. Both men had the letter-making tools made for them at a machinery shop in Tennessee, he said.

The Naples resident spent about a month constructing the booth that would be his business. He finished the project with the help of friends. Electricity can be run to the wooden structure.

On Independence Day, he was working on a ring that said: I (heart — “love”) camp. He said that was a popular seller, too, for those people who spend this time of year at one of the camps located on the many bodies of water the area’s geography offers.

Whether someone wants to express a sentiment on a ring, or parents want children’s names wrapped around their little fingers, customers were pleased with the price and the endless choices.

“Everybody seems to walk away happy,” Tremblay said.

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