Lions Student of the Month: Taylor Cronin

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Taylor Cronin

Taylor Cronin of Naples has been selected as the area Lions Clubs’ “Student of the Month” for February.

Each month, area Lions Clubs recognize a Lake Region High School senior who has excelled academically. The recipient is honored at a Lions’ dinner meeting and is presented a monetary award.

Name: Taylor Cronin

Class of: 2014

Residence: Naples

Parents: Cheryl and Tim Cronin

Sibling: Timmy Cronin

Activities: Drama Club, Jazz Choir, Show Choir, Chorus, Math Team, National Honor Society.

Community activities: Lake Region Community Theatre, volunteer at the Lake Region Free Summer Lunch Program for Kids.

Hobbies: Singing, acting, skiing

Future plans: I plan to major in Marketing Communications.

Schools that you have or will apply to: Emerson College, University of Maine at Orono, University of Southern Maine, Elmira College, Bowdoin College, Dartmouth College, Saint Anselm College, Cazenovia College and Brandeis University.

Schools that you have been accepted to: Emerson College, University of Maine at Orono, USM, Elmira College, Saint Anselm College and Cazenovia College.

What is your favorite class? TC. Chorus is my favorite class because of my passion for singing. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and it’s nice to be able to do it in school.

What is your toughest class? TC. My toughest class is AP (Advanced Placement) Composition and Literature. It’s very hard for me to analyze writing and poetry. I’m not the best at understanding the true meaning of poems.

How do you balance your class work and your extracurricular activities? TC. I have to do my class work whenever I have any free time. (Which is rare.)

What is the biggest challenge high school students face today? TC. PROCRASTINATION. It is such a struggle for me to do my work before the last minute. It is definitely my worst habit, resulting in lack of sleep and, on rare occasion, massive freakouts.

Who has inspired you educationally? TC. My homeroom advisor, Ms. Arris has inspired me educationally. She has always made sure we did our best and she always motivated me to try my hardest.

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