Lions Student of Month: Zachary Gray

Zachary Gray

Zachary Gray

Zachary Gray of Bridgton has been selected as the area Lions Clubs’ “Student of the Month” for December.

Each month, area Lions Clubs recognize a Lake Region High School senior who has excelled academically. The recipient is honored at a Lions’ dinner meeting and is presented a monetary award.

Parents: Jody and Daniel Gray

Student organizations, sports teams, activities, hobbies: Band, chorus, musicals, skiing, equitation, equine showmanship.

What do you like most about school, why? My favorite part of school is the Instrumental Night in the fall because specially selected students from Lake Region High School are brought to Songo Locks Elementary School to pass out and teach the selected instruments of the fourth and fifth-graders from around the district.

What is your biggest challenge in school? My biggest challenge in school is being consistent with my organization skills.

What is your favorite subject, and why? My favorite subject is music because it lets me express with my instrument what I can’t with my words.

If you could change one thing about school, what would it be (and why)? I would improve the music department because of the lack of safety with regard to the stage and (need for) practice rooms, (resulting in a) lack of space for aspiring musicians to utilize their time.

What characteristics do you believe a good teacher should possess? A good teacher should be able to connect to their students on an emotional level, with respect to the subject at hand. In one period, a good teacher should be teaching 15 different classes; one for each student.

What goals did you hope to achieve during your high school days? I hope to make my high school experience as beneficial as possible for my future; I should be able to put to use what I learn here.

What do you hope to do in the future in terms of career, and why are you headed in that direction? I hope to go to school for my bachelor’s degree in Music Education. I am also planning on minoring in Music Performance. If I can, I would like to have at least an associate’s of art degree in Music Performance. I have always loved watching people learn, both younger and older than I, especially in music and with instruments. I have also picked performance because of the amazing experiences I have had in orchestras, bands and choirs throughout Maine, New England, the United States and Canada.

What do you think it will take to be successful in the future? To be successful, a person needs to be making a sufficient income doing something they love; where their definition of “vocation” goes hand-in-hand with their definition of “vacation.”

What lesson have you learned while at Lake Region High School that will help you in the future? I have learned that not everything lasts forever. Additionally, the most important part of living your life is to remember that it’s your life.

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