Lions Club Student of the Month: Keyana Prescott

Keyana Prescott

Keyana Prescott

Keyana Prescott of Casco has been selected as the area Lions Clubs’ “Student of the Month” for April.

Each month, area Lions Clubs recognize a Lake Region High School senior who has excelled academically. The recipient is honored at a Lions’ dinner meeting and is presented a monetary award.

Parents: Pamela Babbitt and Jason Prescott

Student organizations, sports teams, activities, hobbies: Soccer, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field, National Honor Society, Student Council, Math Team

What do you like most about school? The thing I enjoy most about school is being involved in sports for all three seasons each year, participating in Homecoming and Winter Carnival, preparing for prom, and all of the other high school activities. Doing things to keep you busy makes high school the most memorable.

What is your biggest challenge in school? I think my biggest challenge in school is trying to evenly balance my schoolwork, homework, sports and other extracurriculars that I may have going on. However, I always find a way to make it work.

What is your favorite subject? Anatomy & Physiology is easily my favorite subject. I love learning about the human body and that this class is crucial to nursing.

If you could change one thing about school, what would it be? I wish that Lake Region was able to offer more science related classes such as AP Biology or Forensics on a more consistent schedule. It would have been beneficial for me to have the opportunity to take these classes to better prepare for college.

What characteristics do you believe a good teacher should possess? A good teacher should be dedicated to helping their students learn the material rather than memorize it. I also believe that they should be caring, supportive, but also able to push the students when it is needed.

What goals did you hope to achieve during your high school days? Ever since my freshman year, I have had the goal to become Valedictorian of my class and I finally accomplished that goal. I also wanted to have fun, be involved and make lots of amazing memories!

What do you hope to do in the future in terms of career, and why are you headed in that direction? I plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, work as a RN while returning to school to get my MSN so I can later become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I want to be involved in the medical field because I have a passion for helping others.

What do you think it will take to be successful in the future? In order to be successful in the future, I believe it will take hard work, dedication and passion. It will also entail patience and lots of studying!

What lesson have you learned while at Lake Region High School that will help you in the future? Although high school has taught me more skills and lessons than I can count, I would say that the most important thing I learned from high school is to always do what makes you happy.

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