Lakers serve up Just Desserts

Principal’s Award: Hannah Cutting, Jack Tragert and Doe Leckie

Lake Region High School athletes received their Just Desserts last Thursday night during an awards ceremony held in the gym.

Top awards went to:

Carol Youker Award to Jack Tragert. Carol Youker was a member of the LRHS Class of 1970. She was a skier with grace, speed, precision, daring but most of all, had a love for the sport. Carol grew up skiing, experiencing the sport first from a backpack on the back of her father, who was the Bridgton Academy Outing Club director. Once she took her first steps, Carol quickly advanced to skiing on her own. She skied for the Bridgton High School girls’ ski team and was on the first Lake Region H.S. ski team in 1970. Carol was a ski instructor at Pleasant Mountain before attending and graduating from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont., with a degree in outdoor recreation.

She returned to New England after graduation and taught skiing in Maine and New Hampshire. Carol died in a car accident in New Hampshire in 1977.

This memorial award was established to remember Carol’s skill and love for skiing, but also as much for her happy nature and likeable personality. She was enthusiastic, full of life and fun to be around. The award goes to someone who demonstrates all of these qualities.

Sportsmanship Award: Andrew Carlson and Hannah Flagg

Sonja Flanagin Kenniston Award to the outstanding female athlete to Hannah Cutting. Sonja Flanagin Kenniston was a 1971 LRHS graduate who participated in field hockey, basketball, softball and track. She was never a star, captain or high scorer, but she was always first to practice, last to leave, and always helped taking care of the equipment. She was always the loudest cheering for all of her teammates. She was a key individual through her leadership skills, bridging the community rivalries into a positive atmosphere. She was the first true “Laker.”

After graduation, Sonja returned to Lake Region and did photography for classes and sports teams. Sonja was killed in an automobile accident in the mid-1970s.

Steve Gammon Award to the outstanding male athlete to Danny Place. Steve Gammon was an exceptional scholar-athlete and a member of the Class of 1972. He was a two-sport athlete, competing in football and basketball. Steve was tragically killed. This award is given in his honor for his dedication and love for the game.

Principal’s Award to Hannah Cutting, Jack Tragert and Doe Leckie. The Principal’s Award is given to the athlete who has a grade point average of 90 and above, was a Western Maine Conference All-Conference selection and was a team captain.

Lake Region Boosters Club Sportsmanship Award to Andrew Carlson and Hannah Flagg.

Coach of the Year to Mark Snow, varsity track and field.

Other awards include:

Varsity Club President’s Award: Hannah Cutting, president; Emily Toews, Doe Leckie and Hannah Flagg, vice presidents.

Gammon and Flanigan Award: Danny Place and Hannah Cutting

Softball: Hannah Cutting

Baseball: Danny Place

Lacrosse: TJ Leach

Boys’ Tennis: Kyle Peterson

Girls’ Tennis: Alice Sanborn

Girls’ Track & Field: Hannah Flagg

Boys’ Track & Field: Andrew Carlson

Boys’ Cross Country: Dillon Knudsen

Girls’ Cross Country: Hannah Flagg

Field Hockey: Hannah Cutting

Football: Adam Shane

Golf: Danny Place

Rick Worthley Golf Award: Kyle Peterson

Boys’ Soccer: Dakota Bush

Girls’ Soccer: Kasey Huntres

Boys’ Alpine Skiing: Clark Sulloway

Girls’ Alpine Skiing: Kayla Gray

Girls’ Nordic Skiing: Maya Critchfield

Boys’ Basketball: Alex Hartford

Girls’ Basketball: Hannah Cutting

Winter Cheerleading: Noemi Salmeri

Ice Hockey: TJ Leach

Boys’ Indoor Track: Matt Schreiber

Girls’ Indoor Track: Elysha Bosworth.

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