Kent’s Landing marks the spot for cupola

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — Imagine the cupola at Kent’s Landing because that is what the local selectmen are doing.

During the Naples Board of Selectmen meeting on July 23, the board came to a consensus that Kent’s Landing is where the cupola will be relocated — whenever it is moved.

The future location of the cupola was a warrant article question at this most recent town meeting in Naples until it was discovered that decision had been made during a special town meeting about five years ago. At that time, voters gave selectmen the say-so as to where the cupola would end up when the Causeway restoration wrapped up.

The cupola ended up in the former Bay of Naples Campground, where it had been sitting and where it is still sitting.

On Monday, the board landed upon Kent’s Landing as the best option, but the board did not nail down an exact location.

There were some concerns expressed about placing it too close to Route 302 because road salt used in the winter might age the cupola more quickly and children might end up playing too close to passing traffic.

“Kent’s Landing is the logical spot,” Selectman Jim Turpin said.

Chairman Jim Grattelo spoke.

“I am personally not in favor of putting it at the end of the road. It is enormous and in your face,” he said, suggesting that a better location is a little further down the hill. “You will see that structure no matter where it is.”

“I would be in favor of halfway down the hill. So, you could see it from the lake and boaters could see it. But, it is not in your face,” Grattelo said.

Selectman Kevin Rogers was looking for the Goldilocks answer.

Putting it further from Route 302 and closer to Long Lake would require putting in fill to offset the elevation of the hill. He advised against placing the cupola close to the lake.

The cupola needs to be “open to the public where the beach isn’t,” Rogers said.

“The other part of it is: We want it to be in your face,” he said.

“There is already public parking. People can picnic there. It would keep people segregated from the beach area. Grading can be done to bring it down,” he said.

“Two things — it is not right on the sidewalk; and it doesn’t get the wear and tear,” Rogers said.

Turpin said the more visible the cupola is at its new location, the “less chance for mischief.”

Grattelo disagreed.

Rogers said, “We got a lot done. Now, the board can say we agree on Kent’s Landing.”

The motion, which received a 4-0 vote, was that the board of selectmen “has determined that the location of the cupola, pending their fundraising efforts, to be somewhere on Kent’s Landing.”

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