Joint meeting Monday on Land Use Plan

Bridgton residents are being encouraged to attend a meeting next week that will mark the first joint meeting between the Comprehensive Plan Committee and the Planning Board since the CPC began work on updating the plan.

The meeting will take place on Monday, April 21, at 7 p.m. in the Selectmen’s room at the Bridgton Municipal Complex. The subject at hand will be the all-important Chapter 11, the Future Land Use Plan, which CPC members want to go over with the board before finalizing.

The plan calls for the designation of distinct growth, transitional and rural areas in a Land Use Map that are based on natural constraints, opportunities of the land and desires of the community. It calls for seven designations, as follows: Downtown Village Business District, Downtown Village Neighborhood, Inner Corridor, Outer Corridor, Outer Village Neighborhood, Lakeside Neighborhood and Rural Neighborhood.

Specific development standards can then be set for each area. Conservation Planning Areas are also proposed, as areas that for aesthetic or environmental reasons should be protected from development.

“The Future Land Use Plan presents a vision of what Bridgton residents want their town, area by area, to be in the future,” the draft document states.

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