Henry buys back foreclosed properties in Bridgton

By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

Bridgton Selectmen accepted quit claim deeds Tuesday on three foreclosed properties in the downtown from their former landlord, Nelson Henry, who promised to take care of any remaining code violations.

Nelson’s attorney at Mittel Asen in Portland provided the town with a total of $12,476 to pay off outstanding property tax bills for 16 Walker Street, 447 Main Street and 533 Main Street. The properties were taken over from Henry by JPD Acquisitions after he was unable to sell them at auction several years ago, and the town automatically foreclosed on them recently.

Town Manager Bob Peabody told the law firm the town’s policy was to withhold a quitclaim deed not only until all outstanding taxes are paid, but also until any building code violations are addressed. Code Enforcement Officer Robbie Baker found a long list of problems, ranging from unsafe back stairs, huge piles of trash, plumbing and electrical problems.

Baker said he has had a hard time locating Henry to talk about what work needed to be done. Henry, who was in attendance at the meeting, said he has moved around a lot, but that his phone number hasn’t changed in many years.

“Let me apologize for dragging it out like this,” said Henry, but he added that, “I haven’t changed my phone number in 18 years.” He said he was surprised when he learned of “all these crazy things” the town was saying about the disposition of the property.

Selectmen made the quitclaim deeds condition on Baker’s approval that all code violations had been fixed.

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