Group pleased with dam on Pleasant Lake

DELIGHTED DAM IS DONE — The shiny signs are reflected in the water that is being held back by the newly-constructed Pleasant Lake Parker Pond Dam. The dam was completed in April; and the Casco Fish Hatchery project is still in progress. (De Busk Photo)

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — While members of the Pleasant Lake-Parker Pond Lake Association (PLPPLA) are pleased that the aging and inefficient dam was replaced, they found the information about the Casco Hatchery pipes project particularly interesting.

During the recent lake association meeting, members heard from Steve Tremblay, the fish culture supervisor at the Casco Fish Hatchery, which is operated by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

“The whole thing about the hatchery and putting in the new pipes — people liked hearing about that,” said PLPPLA President Anne Fritts.

“There are only 12 hatcheries in the state of Maine. We are really proud to have one here on Pleasant Lake,” she said.

Fritts not only has a home on Pleasant Lake but she also works at Camp Arcadia, which has access to the lake in Casco.

She said that the lake people have not been raving about the new dam, but they haven’t said anything negative about it either.

“People were happy it was done. Really, we had no choice,” she said.

“The original dam that was there was collapsing. It was old. The concrete was breaking up,” Fritts said.

“It was a simple construction: Three big boards and a measurement stick. It was very simple. If there was too much rain, someone lifted the board to let the water out,” she said.

“This dam is doing the same thing. It just looks nicer,” she said.

“We [the lake association members] were behind the project. We are trying to protect and preserve the lake as much as we can,” she said.

“The dam was just finished this spring. This project was going on for several years,” she said.

“It was a member of our association who noticed the dam was falling apart,” Fritts said.

“The two towns — Casco and Otisfield — own the dam. The two towns have had nice communication. Two towns got together to solve a problem together,” she said.

Fritts praised former PLPPLA president Peter Barber.

“He was the hands-on help for the project. He is quite knowledgeable,” she said.

Additionally, another lakeside property owner Ron Burd swam the length of Pleasant Lake in an effort to fundraise for the dam construction.

“We hope that there will be another swim before the end of the summer,” she said.

Meanwhile the dam stands still doing its job.

“I see it as I drive by every day. You can see it as you go through Casco Village,” she said.

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