GoFundMe site set up for Ovide


By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

“It started with my rear wheel and axle rolling by my car when I came over the old Naples Swing Bridge in the middle of the night,” said Al Bottone IV, in explaining why he created a GoFundMe page to help out Bridgton used car dealer Ovide Corbeil. “Three wheels do not make a good running car.”

In just over two weeks, Bottone has raised $1,520 through the website to help Corbeil recover from the devastating fire Dec. 24 that destroyed his Portland Road garage and the many cars on the property that were either for sale or waiting for repairs.

Bottone said Ovides "Jesus is Lord" Used Cars agreed to help him fix his car the next day when another shop said they could not, “and he has been a part of our family and many other families since.”

Bottone said Corbeil is well-known for going the extra mile to help people who are having a tough time financially. “He has helped so many and asked for so little in return, and now he needs our help,” Bottone said in the GoFundMe appeal. “He has been there when we needed advice, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend to laugh with when times were at their worst. Now its time to do the same for him.”

Corbeil posted his thanks on the page, saying his business was insured but his tools and equipment were not. The Bridgton Planning Board recently agreed to waive the site plan requirement in Corbeil’s case so he can start rebuilding as soon as the insurance kicks in. Meanwhile, other local repair shops are lending him a hand to keep his business going.

One man who donated $300 on the GoFundMe site said, “God has truly blessed this man and now it is our turn to share the love of Christ with him.” Another person who gave $200 said, “Something great will come out of this!”

To donate to the effort, go to www.gofundme.com and search for “Help our friend Ovide.”

In a related matter, Bridgton Selectman Bob McHatton congratulated the Bridgton Fire Department “for an outstanding job in handling two major fires in town,” referring to Ovide’s and a barn on South High Street a few days later. McHatton noted that volunteers in the department are stretched thin, and asked residents to help them keep fire hydrants shoveled out after this week’s snowstorm.



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