Fryeburg Academy Fall Sports Previews

Captain TJ Rose

Captain TJ Rose


Head Coach: Bill Reilly, 25 years

Assistant Coach: Dylan Alden, 5 years

Girls’ outlook: Junior, Anna Lastra, returns as Captain and should be one of the top runners in Class B. Junior Ariel Fogden, who should be strong this year, is the only other returnee.

Juniors, Molly Eklund, Emily McDermith and Costanza Satarelli are new to the team and should add depth. Sophomore Anna Hodgman-Burns is working hard in pre-season plus senior Erin Freiberg has joined the team. Rounding out the squad are three very promising freshmen — Emily Carty, Irina Norkin and Emily Grzyb.

“The girls have been working very hard and seem to have bonded together, which is essential for running a grueling 5K cross country race,” Coach Reilly said. “It is great to start the season with 10 runners, who are very focused on achievement. I would say that a reasonable team goal this year for the team would be to return to the Class B state meet.”

Boys’ outlook: Returning seniors, captain TJ Rose, Jonathan Burk and Liuke Yang are all four year varsity runners who bring a wealth of experience to the team. Junior Patrick Carty should again be at the top of the Class B runners. Top sophomore runner Christian Bedell looks very strong and Connor Moody has improved from last year. Junior Reed Wales along with good running brings enthusiasm to the team. Freshman Ryan Hewes looks like one of those “ tough as nails” runners and Cole LeBlond should develop with time.

“The boys could use a few more runners for depth but barring injuries they look pretty tough. It will be a real challenge but I believe the boys could also return to the Class B state meet,” Coach Reilly said.

Outlook: Coach Reilly — It’s been 25 seasons and the excitement of watching these young runners pour their hearts out in a race and the passion I have for the sport of cross country running are still there for me as if it was my first season.”


Head Coach: Bob Hodgman-Burns, 10th year

Assistant Coach: Tim Atwood, this is his third year with Coach Hodgman-Burns and is a former FA player.

Key Returning Players: Jordan Kruguer, a junior captain midfielder; Joe Shraeder, a senior captain sweeper; Sean Chase, a junior captain midfielder; Rodrigo Arrojo, a senior captain midfielder; and Will Zeliff, sophomore goalkeeper.

Other players to watch: Miah Shraeder is a sophomore back that will see time on varsity, and there are various sophomores and freshmen that will be expected to contribute as well. Paolo Marin and Teodor Antelj will play midfield, and Ignacio Valganon will be a striker.

Strengths: Quickness and skill through the middle and work ethic.

Weaknesses: Inexperience as the Raiders graduated 13 seniors last year.

What aspect of preseason has you encouraged about the upcoming season? Coach Hodgman-Burns — I am encouraged by our continued improvement over the summer and into preseason. The players learn fast and are easy to coach.

Keys to the season: Defense, solid goalkeeping and maintaining possession in the toughest conference in the state.

Goals: To improve every match and make postseason play for the eighth straight year.


Head Coach: John Atwood, 30th year

Key Returning Players: Lexi L’Heureux-Carland, junior, fullback; Julia Quinn, junior, midfield; Anna Mahanor, junior, forward; Mckenna Gerchman, sophomore, fullback; Makayla Cooper, sophomore, goalie; Ali Fraize, sophomore, fullback; Orie Iniro, junior, midfield; Esmeralda Hernandez, junior, midfield; Sage Bovi, junior, midfield; Emery O’Connell, junior, fullback; Kaylin Delaney, sophomore, midfield; Mackenzie Buzzell, sophomore, midfield.

Strengths: Most of the team played varsity for the past year or two with the exception of Makayla (Cooper), who is new to goal but a good athlete. “Despite the fact there are no seniors, the team is experienced and play well together,” Coach Atwood said.

Weakness: Not a lot of depth and the starting players are hard to replace.

What aspect of preseason has you encouraged about the season? Coach Atwood — Possession has been encouraging, goal scoring is still an issue and should improve.

Keys to the season: Staying healthy, scoring and playing good defense.

Goals: Improve, improve, improve.

Senior receiver Brandon Ludwig

Senior receiver Brandon Ludwig


Head Coach: David Turner, 7th year

Assistant Coaches: Rick White, Jim Cummings, Stephen Barker, Dominic Torch, Preston Jones.

Returnees: Four on offense/three on defense.

Players to watch: Ben Southwick, senior, running back/defensive back; Ryan Gullickson, junior, quarterback/defensive back; Brandon Ludwig, senior, back/receiver/defensive back/kicker.

Overview: The Raiders are low on roster numbers this season (around 25 players including eight freshmen). Only five players bring significant varsity experience. Experience and depth will be a factor. “However, they’re a great, hardworking group that will improve throughout the season,” Coach Turner said.


Head Coach: Dede Frost, 20th year

Assistant Coach: Meghan Moody

JV Coach: Christy Hikel

Key Returning Players (Position/Year in School): Seniors — Makenzie Hill, forward; Allison Watson, forward; Alyson Krueger, mid; Jasmine Ramsay, goalie; Sydney Andreoli, forward; Ali Upton, mid; Shelby Hesselin, mid; Haylie Bartlett, sweeper; Mary Shea, mid and Thu Pham, forward.

Juniors — Nicole Thurston, forward; Mariah Davis, forward.

Sophomore — Bridget Tweedie, forward

Top Newcomers: Lexi Charles, sophomore, forward; Joelle Buzzell, sophomore, forward; Janelle Wiessman, sophomore forward.

Players to watch: Bridgett Tweedie is very quick and moves the ball well; Nicole Thurston displays tremendous finesse and the tenacity to outlast most opponents; Mariah Davis puts the needs of the team first and joins Mary Shea and Shelby Hesselin in the midfield to combine for some outstanding defense and ball control.

Strengths: Tremendous leadership from upperclassmen; great work ethic and teamwork.

Weaknesses: Limited varsity experience; several key losses from graduating seniors.

Based on what you’ve seen thus far, what are you most encouraged by? Coach Frost — In a time when many districts find themselves unable to field a junior varsity team, I am encouraged that we are still able to have the numbers to support both a varsity and JV team. The future of field hockey is very important to me.

Keys to the season: Building confidence as individuals and as a team; creating a system that caters to our strengths; winning early in the season; avoiding injury; developing younger players as the season progresses to make playoffs.


Head Coach: Chris Dutton

Top Returnees: Van Nguyen (senior), who has been 15th, 12th and fourth in last three state championships for girls. Sophomores Tyler Worcester and Keegan Jones, and senior Mike Davis.

Top Newcomers: Junior Jordan Lowe from Jamaica, sophomore Kaylin Delaney and freshman Addison Schwartz.

Roster review: Coach Dutton — We have two seniors — in Van and Mike Davis — on the squad with good experience and also senior Trevor Henschel returns to the team after a year hiatus to add to the experience and to the depth of the team. After that, the team remains really young with four sophomores and a freshman that will be getting match play experience. Though we look young on paper, the expectations for the team are quite high throughout the early preseason. The team has had a positive and good preseason to date.

Jordan Lowe, a new addition to the team, has vaulted right up to the top 2 spots. A talented golfer that has great poise and golf sense around the course, he is very in control of his game, and on most days, putting will determine whether he is having a round close to par or under par, or a round in the high 30s to low 40s. He been a good influence on the rest of the team and adjusted real well to the other teammates. Jordan will also have a good shot to try and qualify for the individual states later on in the season, as will Tyler Worcester, who as well has had a good preseason. His score have been low and also will be in the mix at the end of the year to try and qualify for states.

We are in a good place where we have three to four players battling for two starting spots. With Keegan Jones, Trevor Henschel, Addison Schwartz and Damian Eldridge pushing each other to grab those spots its has given the team good depth and excitement for the overall lineup.

Last year, we lost two to three matches by 1 point due to the team overall score. This season with more improvement and consistency from the team we should reverse those results and turn them into wins.

Outlook: Coach Dutton — Our schedule, I think, sets up well overall for us this year and like I said earlier with the poise and depth on the team right now, we are in a good spot mentally to complete well.

Girls Preview: On the girls’ side, senior Van Nguyen enters her final year looking to close with a bang. She usually occupies the third spot on the team. She has had good success at States. She has qualified all three years, and has been improving on the results each year, from 15th to 12th to fourth last year. She is looking for a big finish, but understands it is tough at the top of the girls’ elite.

Sophomore Kaylin Delaney is hoping to join that group, as a first-year player. She will be a full-time soccer player, as well and work in as much on the golf team as possible. She has tremendous talent and is so eager and willing to learn and get better which, already this preseason she has done that. “I don’t see any trouble for those two to qualify for the States this year, it’s more of how high can they finish?” Coach Dutton said. “I would be happy to see them both get top 10s, and if things go well, they both could have the opportunity to be better than that.”

Coach Dutton believes that despite competing in a very difficult conference, a top 7 or 8 team finish won’t be out of the question.

“Should be lot of fun and interesting to see the team grow and individuals improve throughout the season and see what awaits us at the end of the year for the individuals States for both the boys and girls,” he said.



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