Fryeburg Academy fall previews


Head Coach: John Atwood, 30 plus years

JV Coach: Corrie Hennessy

Key players: Solid core of returning seniors Lexi L’Heureux-Carland, McKenna Gerchman, Sage Bovin, Emery O’Connell, Megan Fuller, all defenders; Julia Quinn, Katherine Parker, Esmeralda Hernandez Carolyn Gray, midfield; Orie Inirio, Anna Mahanor, Bridget Bailey forwards; juniors Mackenzie Buzzell, Kaylin Delaney, Abby Davis, midfield; Makayla Cooper, goalie; freshman Brooke Juneau, goalie.

Strengths: The seniors have played together for four years and are all great leaders and teammates. “The team is a very close knit group that gets along very well,” Coach Atwood said.

Weaknesses: “Not a great deal of depth so injuries would be a problem,” the coach reported.

Outlook: Two weeks of double sessions have been very productive. The Raiders are hard working and focused on improving. “Scoring is a key, too many 1-0 games last year,” Coach Atwood said.

Goals: Improve every day, stay injury free, make the playoffs again.

Opening day: The Raiders travel to Greely Friday for a 6 p.m. game. JV at 4:15.


Head Coach: Tim Atwood, first year (fourth with team)

Assistant and JV: Chris Gaskin, first year

Key returning players: Sean Chase, senior, midfield/defense; Jordan Kruguer, senior, midfield; Ben Leconey, senior, midfield; Ben Darling, senior, midfield; Nick Landano, senior, midfield/defense; Dominic Malia, junior, defense; Andrew Malia, junior, midfield; Huxley Lovering, junior, midfield; Will Zeliff, junior, goalkeeper; Jermiah Schrader, junior, defense; Markus Schneider, junior, defense; Evan Wadsworth, junior, midfield/defense; Owen Feider-Sullivan, junior, midfield; Will Davis, junior, midfield/defense; Nabeal Ghadfa, junior, striker; Noah Hart, sophomore, defense; Max Kummer, sophomore, striker.

Top newcomers: Gunnar Gurnis, freshman, striker; Yukon King, freshman, goalkeeper.

Players to watch: Goalkeeper Will Zeliff is grasping the finer details of his position after a full season of varsity experience as a sophomore. Sean Chase is a versatile player with the ability to move around the pitch. Jordan Kruguer has a good understanding of the game and an excellent work rate.

Strengths: A significant number of interchangeable players who understand how to play multiple positions and who are also extremely coachable and eager to learn.

Weaknesses: Several players have limited varsity experience.

Based on what you’ve seen thus far, what are you most encouraged by? “Most encouraged by the intensity and focus during preseason. Many are being asked to look at the game in a new way and thus far they have all turned up to each session not only willing to work hard physically, but also with a strong commitment to increase their awareness of play,” Coach Atwood said.

To be successful this season “we must be mentally tough and have the ability to play with intensity and purpose regardless of the situation,” the coach said.

Three keys to the season: Strong defending and goalkeeping, taking advantage of corners and free kicks, and staying healthy.

Three goals: Become more vocal as a team, win the majority to aerial balls in each match, and to still be getting better on the last day of the season.

Opening day: The Raiders kick off the season Friday at home against Greely at 4 p.m. JV follows at 5:30.

RAIDER XC TEAM — Taking a team photo Saturday as the 2015 Lake Region Invitational Champions, members of the Fryeburg Academy girls’ cross-country team include: bottom row, left to right, Costanza Santarelli, Irina Norkin, Anna Lastra, Olivia Thompson and Ella Charles; top row, Emily Carty, Zoe Maguire, Emily Grzyb, Emmajo Armington and Emily McDermith.

RAIDER XC TEAM — Taking a team photo Saturday as the 2015 Lake Region Invitational Champions, members of the Fryeburg Academy girls’ cross-country team include: bottom row, left to right, Costanza Santarelli, Irina Norkin, Anna Lastra, Olivia Thompson and Ella Charles; top row, Emily Carty, Zoe Maguire, Emily Grzyb, Emmajo Armington and Emily McDermith.


Head Coach: Bill Reilly, 26 years

Assistant Coach: Dylan Alden

Boys’ roster: Senior Captain, Patrick Carty leads the team after a trip to New Englands as one of the top runners in the state last year. Junior Christian Bedell returns in the best shape of his life along with returning sophomore Ryan Hewes, who will make his mark as the number 2 or 3 runner on the team. Newcomer freshman Alfie Walker has already established himself as the number 4 runner on the team. Junior Reed Wales continues to improve each season.

Rounding out the team are newcomer sophomores Ben Caffrey and Seth Johnston along with freshmen Tony Santarelli and Sam Paulding.

The Raiders graduated their 2, 3 and 4 runners, which is a huge hole to fill.

Keys to success: The key to success this season is in developing a fifth and sixth runner from the newcomers to be competitive by the final big meets of the season.

Goals: The boys look to defend their D2 WMC Conference title, which they have won for the last three seasons and qualify for the state meet final for their ninth straight year.

  • At the Lake Region Invitational Saturday, Patrick Carty placed second in 15:04 out of a field of 70 runners as the Raiders were second overall in the six-school meet. Winning time was 14:58.
  1. Christian Bedell, 16:34
  2. Ryan Hewes, 16:36
  3. Alfie Walker, 17:50
  4. Seth Johnston, 20:36
  5. Tony Santarelli, 20:55
  6. Ben Caffrey, 21:31
  7. Reed Wales, 22:10
  8. Sam Paulding, 22:44

Girls’ roster: Senior captain Anna Lastra leads the team as one of the top girl runners in the state. Closely behind is sophomore Emily Carty, who is also making her mark as one the top runners in the state.

Then, it gets interesting with seniors Costanza Santarelli and Emily McDermith, junior Olivia Thompson and sophomores Irina Norkin and Emily Grzyb and freshman Zoe Maguire, all of whom have the potential to score from the number 3 runner to the number 8 runner.

What this sets up is a competitive state of chaos out of which will come greatly improved individual runners contributing to a team potential for the big meets. Junior newcomers Emmajo Armington and Ella Forbes look to improve their conditioning and maybe a shot at the number 7 slot. Outlook: Barring injuries, the girls’ team looks to challenge each other individually over the course the season culminating with a team to be reckoned with late in the season.

  • At the Lake Region Invitational Saturday, Anna Lastra claimed victory in the 2.8 miler in 18:18 and Emily Carty was second at 18:44 as FA claimed the meet crown, edging Westbrook and former Raider, Coach Tim Even, 65-66. Eight schools competed with Windham in third with 68 points. Other FA finishers were:
  1. Irina Norkin, 20:46
  2. Emily Grzyb, 21:03
  3. Olivia Thompson, 22:24
  4. Zoe Maguire, 22:49
  5. Emily McDermith, 23:21
  6. Emmajo Armington, 23:59
  7. Ella Forbes, 24:02

Opening day: The Raiders travel Friday to Sacopee Valley to meet the Hawks, Lake Region and Poland. Boys at 4:30 and girls at 5 p.m.

LINEBACKER MATT BOUCHER will help anchor the Raider defense this fall. (Rivet Photo)

LINEBACKER MATT BOUCHER will help anchor the Raider defense this fall. (Rivet Photo)


Head Coach: David Turner

Assistant Coaches: Rick White, Jim Cummings, Gary Colello, Gio Difazio

Key returning players: Matt Boucher, senior, OL/LB; Nick L’Heureux-Carland, senior, WR/DE; Ryan Gullikson, senior, QB/DB; Isaac Wakefield, junior, OL/LB; Gage Fowler, junior, OL/DL; and Kevin Ventura, junior, OL/DL.

Strengths: The players work extremely hard and genuinely care for each other.

Weaknesses: At this point in the season, the team lacks overall depth and experience, as there are only a combined seven juniors and seniors on the roster.

Based on what you’ve seen thus far, what are you most encouraged by? “Many team members, including ninth and tenth graders, committed themselves to the summer strength and conditioning,” Coach Turner said.

What will it take for the team to be successful this season? The Raiders need to increase depth by bringing the ninth graders along. And, FA need to stay healthy.

Three keys to the season? Stay healthy, increase depth, and allow younger players to gain quality varsity playing time.

Three goals? Stay healthy, improve each week, and make the playoffs.

Opening day: The Raiders travel to Cape Elizabeth Friday for a 7 p.m. game.


Head Coach: Dede Frost, 21 varsity, 30 at Fryeburg Academy

JV Coaches: Christie Mackie and Meghan Moody

Key returning players: Nicole Thurston, senior, center forward; Renae Fournier, senior, sweeper; Mariah Davis, senior, sr. center mid; Bridget Tweedie, junior, forward; and Janelle Wiesemann, junior, forward.

Top newcomers: Lexi Charles, junior, forward; Joelle Buzzell, junior, forward; Hannah Frye, junior, midfield; Bridget Fahey, sophomore, goalie; and Heather Howard, sophomore, forward.

Players to watch: Nicole Thurston, Mariah Davis and Bridget Tweedie have been playing together since elementary school. They work well together on the field and are all highly skilled as individual players as well.

Strengths: Tremendous leadership from a small senior class and enthusiasm from a large group of underclassmen.

Weaknesses: With 10 graduates leaving behind large holes to fill, the Raiders will be experimenting with lots of new young players until they get it right. “We also have a smaller team than in past years so we will be sharing some players until we have figured out the right placement for everyone,” Coach Frost said.

Based on what you’ve seen thus far, what are you most encouraged by? “The fact that so many new players are stepping up to fill openings and eager to try new positions if that’s what it takes to make the team better as a whole. They are young, but very willing to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones,” the coach said.

What will it take for the team to be successful this season? The Raiders will need to avoid the return of some plaguing injuries from last season to make the most of their abilities. In addition, it will be important to be ready for each team the first time FA meets them. In the past, the Raiders would face most teams twice. That allows for the opportunity to adjust play and strategy for the second meeting. This year, with the restructuring of the league, Fryeburg does not play many teams a second time. “We have one chance to earn a win…no second chances,” the coach said.

Three keys to the season? With smaller numbers, the Raiders need to maintain endurance for longer periods of play each game. Finding the right combination of new players to fill some key positions. Being able to peak a little earlier in the season, to pick up some early points toward playoff spots.

Three goals: “A week would be nice. At least,” Coach Frost joked. “Obviously making the playoffs is a goal. We always want to prolong the season for as long as possible. Fixing areas that need improvement quickly and adjusting it prior to the next contest. To love the game, even after a rough day.”

Opening day: The Raiders hosted Greely yesterday, Sept. 2. FA travels to Cape Elizabeth Tuesday for a 6 p.m. game.


Head Coach: Chris Dutton

JV/Assistant Coach: Jesse Smith

Key returning players: Jordan Lowe, Tyler Worcester, Addison Schwartz and Keegan Jones.

Top newcomer: Chris Bergquist.

Strengths: Balanced and depth throughout the lineup. Great attitude and approach to the game

Weaknesses: Trying to excel too fast and improve. Looking too far ahead.

Keys to the season: “It will be an interesting season this year, but excited to see how the team fares after a successful season last year. The team qualified for States and finished second in Western Maine conference at the qualifier. The team also had four individuals qualify for the States, as well,” Coach Dutton said. “Interesting to see how team does replacing two key starters from last year’s squad. Van Nguyen, a four-year starter and four years of top 15 or better in state tournament, is a hard piece to replace. Also lost Mike Davis to graduation, who was a pivotal starter for the team last season.”

The good news is the Raiders have some solid depth and a great 1-2 punch at the top with Jordan Lowe and Tyler Worcester, who are fun to watch and will be a great core for the team. Also this offseason, returnees have improved their games, which has made the transition smoother to adjust to the losses.

Addison Schwartz, a sophomore, has improved on the course with his game, but mentally has also matured and has control of his expectations and skill set right now. He could be a surprise. Junior Keegan Jones has also shown some early positive gains from last year, and junior newcomer Chris Bergquist will slide right into a starting spot. “He’s been very positive and willing to do what it takes to improve on his game,” Coach Dutton said.

Juniors Damian Eldridge and Evan Butters will also see action.

Kaylin Delaney will also participate with the team, however is also on soccer team, which will be first priority for her. She was able to qualify last year for the individual states and finished in the top 25. “She has talent and will help the team and herself come time for the qualifying for States,” Coach Dutton said. “She’s a great worker and great individual to coach.”

Keys to success: Overall, the key for the Raiders will be to stay focused on what they can control and to strive to keep getting better as the season quickly moves on.

“We seen good results from the off season now we need to maintain that and if we can slowly improve great, but we can’t expect that we can take as big of an improvement this quickly into the season as what we shown so far from the off season,” Coach Dutton said. “I project to be very competitive and will win our share of matches, but the bigger picture is that we want to qualify for team at States for the second year in a row. We also should contend to have two to three players qualify as individuals, as well. Should be fun, and the team has been very positive and great to work with so far.”

Opening day: The Raiders opened yesterday, Sept. 2 against York at home. FA takes on Wells at home today, Sept. 3, at 4 p.m.


Girls’ Soccer

Friday, Sept. 4, at Greely, 6:00

Tuesday, Sept. 8, Old Orchard, 4:00

Friday, Sept. 11, Waynflete, 4:00

Thursday, Sept. 17, at NYA, 4:00

Saturday, Sept. 19, at Poland, 11:00

Tuesday, Sept. 22, at Freeport, 3:30

Saturday, Sept. 26, Wells, 11:00

Tuesday, Sept. 29, Gray-NG, 3:30

Thursday, Oct. 1, at Wells, 6:00

Tuesday, Oct. 6, Lake Region, 3:30

Thursday, Oct. 8, at Sacopee, 6:00

Tuesday, Oct. 13, at Cape Elizabeth, 6:00

Thursday, Oct. 15, York, 4:00

Saturday, Oct. 17, at Lake Region, 6:00

Boys’ Soccer

Friday, Sept. 4, Greely, 4:00

Thursday, Sept. 10, at Waynflete, 4:00

Saturday, Sept. 12, at Traip, 10:00

Thursday, Sept. 17, NYA, 4:00

Saturday, Sept. 19, at Poland, 11:00

Tuesday, Sept. 22, Freeport, 4:00

Saturday, Sept. 26, Wells, 1:30

Tuesday, Sept. 29, at Gray-NG, 6:00

Friday, Oct. 2, at Wells, 6:00

Tuesday, Oct. 6, at Lake Region, 6:00

Thursday, Oct. 8, Sacopee, 3:30

Tuesday, Oct. 13, Cape Elizabeth, 3:30

Thursday, Oct. 15, at York, 6:00

Monday, Oct. 19, Traip Academy, 4:00


Friday, Sept. 4, at Cape Elizabeth, 7:00

Saturday, Sept. 12, Gray-NG, 1:30

Friday, Sept. 18, at Wells, 7:00

Saturday, Sept. 26, Yarmouth, 1:30

Saturday, Oct. 3, at Freeport, 1:30

Saturday, Oct. 10, Poland, 1:30

Saturday, Oct. 17, Gorham, 1:30

Friday, Oct. 23, at Lake Region, 7:00

Field Hockey

Tuesday, Sept. 8, at Cape Elizabeth, 6:00

Thursday, Sept. 10, York, 4:00

Saturday, Sept. 12, at Lake Region, 3:00

Monday, Sept. 14, at Falmouth, 6:00

Wednesday, Sept, 16, Wells, 4:00

Friday, Sept. 18, at Yarmouth, 4:30

Tuesday, Sept. 22, Poland, 4:00

Friday, Sept, 25, Lake Region, 3:30

Monday, Sept. 28, at Poland, 4:00

Wednesday, Sept. 30, Kennebunk, 4:00

Friday, Oct. 2, at Gray-NG, 3:30

Tuesday, Oct. 6, Freeport, 4:00

Thursday, Oct. 8, at Sacopee, 4:00


Wednesday, Sept. 9, Old Orchard

Thursday, Sept. 10, Sacopee Valley

Tuesday, Sept. 15, at Freeport, 4:00

Thursday, Sept. 17, Lake Region

Friday, Sept. 18, at Yarmouth

Tuesday, Sept. 22, at Gray-NG

Wednesday, Sept. 23, at Cape Elizabeth

Thursday, Sept. 24, Poland

Monday, Sept. 28, WMC Girls’ Qualifier

Thursday, Oct. 2, at NYA

Monday, Oct. 6, WMC Qualifiers, 10:00

  • Home course Lake Kezar CC in Lovell, matches start at 3:30 p.m. unless indicated


Friday, Sept. 4, at Sacopee

Friday, Sept. 11, at Gray-NG

Friday, Sept. 18, GNG, Traip, NYA, Wells

Saturday, Sept. 26, at Manchester Relays

Friday, Oct. 2, at Poland

Friday, Oct. 9, Freeport, Greely, NYA, LR

Friday, Oct. 16, WMC Championships at St. Joseph’s College, 3:30

Saturday, Oct. 24, Regionals at Twin Brook

Saturday, Oct. 31, States at Twin Brook

  • Boys at 4:30 and girls at 5 p.m. unless indicated
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