Fryeburg Academy fall previews


Coach: David Turner

Assistant Coaches: Rick White, Jim Cummings, Gio DiFazio, Gary Collelo, David Jones

Captains: Kevin Ventura, Caleb Eklund, Cody Gullikson

Top returning players: Seniors Kevin Ventura, OL/DL, Gage Fowler, OL/DL, Isaac Wakefield, OL/DL; Juniors Caleb Eklund, TE/DE, Cody Gullikson, RB/LB, Jared Chisari, RB/DB, Scott Parker, WR/DB, Cobey Johnson, WR/DB; Sophomores Tucker Buzzell, OL/LB, Oscar Saunders, QB/WR/DB

Top newcomers: Senior Jared Schrader, WR/DB; Juniors Ryan Hewes, WR/RB/DB, Cameron Mailman, OL/DL, Joe Lebrun, OL/DL; Sophomores Reece Kneissler, OL/DL, Josh Frye, OL/DL

Other potential varsity team members: Sophomores Tyreece Jeffreys, RB/DE, Nate Knapp, WR/RB/DB, Arnold Jabar, OL/DL

Team strengths: Coach Turner — The team returns numerous players who earned at least some playing time last year. Hopefully this leads to increased depth. Overall, we have a great young group of players who work hard each day.

Team question marks: Coach Turner — The loss of Ryan Gullikson, Matt Boucher, Baha Demir and Nick L’Heureux-Carland are significant as players and leaders. We must replace their leadership playmaking abilities, which will not be easy.

3 keys to a successful season: Stay healthy (already been bit by the injury bug), increase team depth, and improve each week.

What do you like best about this team: Coach Turner — We have a really good group of young men. As a group, they are good citizens, students and teammates. This will hopefully allow us to improve and possibly contend for a playoff spot.

Opener: The Raiders open the season at home this Friday, Sept. 2 at 4 p.m. against Cape Elizabeth.


Coach: Dede Frost

Assistant Coach: Bailey Frost

Captains: Bridget Tweedie, Lexi Charles

Top returning players: Seniors Bridget Tweedie (link), Lexi Charles (forward), Joelle Buzzell (forward), Hannah Frye (defense), Janelle Weisemann (forward), Taylor Kruger (forward), Kallan Charest (midfield); Juniors Jade Fox (forward), Bridget Fahey (goalie), Kylie Rose (goalie), Heather Howard (forward).

Top newcomers: Junior Faye Taylor (defense), sophomore Tina LeBlanc (defense).

Other potential varsity players: Kiyanna Monydet, senior, forward; Juniors Amelia Rowland (midfield), Grace Condon (forward), Zoe Bodwell (midfield), Lily Purslow (forward).

Team strengths: Coach Frost — The team is led by seasoned captains and eight seniors. Although we lost key players last year, there are experienced players waiting to step into the vacancies.  Although some of the players will be new to the starting lineup, they are not new to the team.  They have worked together and excited about advancing to the next level.

Team question marks: Coach Frost — We have two junior goalies, who will each be seeing time in the varsity net. We have already experienced injuries this season and will be waiting to see if these players will be joining us in the near future. Tina Leblanc and Faye Taylor are currently on the injured reserve list, unfortunately.

3 keys to a successful season:  Coach Frost — Our schedule has changed this year with some new teams entering and we now play very few teams twice.  Being ready to play our best the first time we face a team will be key.  There will be no time for adjustments after facing most opponents and no “second time around” to pick up a win or split this year.  We play only York, Kennebunk and Class A Falmouth twice.  The schedule is extremely competitive. Fitness and endurance will be another key, making sure that we can last 60 minutes with minimal subbing if necessary. Staying conditioned and off the injured reserve list is the final key.

What do you like best about this team: Coach Frost — As in the past, I am blessed with a team that works hard to function together as one. I love that. This group of girls enjoys one another, as well as the game of field hockey. They are positive, enthusiastic, and supportive of one another both on and off the field.

Opener: The Raiders open their season on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at home against Falmouth at 4 p.m.


Coach: Chris Gaskin

Assistant Coach: Coreen Eccleston

Captains: Kaylin Delaney, Alexandria Fraize

Top returning players: Kaylin Delaney (senior, M); Alexandria Fraize (senior, D); Makayla Cooper (senior, GK); McKenzie Buzzell (senior, M).

Top newcomers: Sophie Trepohl (freshman, M); Kalie Eastman (junior, ST).

Other potential varsity team members: Gwen Boros (freshman, D).

Team strengths: Solid senior leadership.

Team question marks: Inexperience.

3 keys to a successful season: Organization, fitness, limit injuries.

What do you like best about this team: Willingness to learn.


Coach: Bob Hodgman-Burns

Assistant Coach: Isabel Hodgman-Burns

Captains: Will Davis, Evan Wadsworth, Will Zeliff

Top players: Will Davis, midfiled; Will Zeliff, goalie; Evan Wadsworth, midfield; Nabeel Ghadfa, striker; Dom and Andrew Malia, defense.

Top newcomers: Gage and Caden Daigle, midfield and striker; Manny Baptiste, defender.

Other potential varsity players: Adam Canfield, defense; Noah Hart, midfield; Max Kumer, midfield.

Strengths: Experience, positive attitude.

Question marks: Scoring may be an issue.

What do I like best about this team: Coach Hodgman-Burns — I like that they are very coachable and support each other. We will learn as we go along and hope to make playoffs and have a good run while there.


Coach: Chris Dutton

Overview: The Raiders return nine players from last year, and welcome four newcomers. Of the 13 team members, five are seniors.

Coach Dutton — We will be solid this year due to the combination of experience and depth in playing in matches. We lost a valuable piece in Jordan Lowe due to graduation. He was the #1 scoring average player last year in the Western Conference, and having him and Tyler Worcester at the top 2 spots made things easier for the team, no doubt.

Leading the way is senior Tyler Worcester. He has been at the top of the conference for all three years of playing and I would plan on seeing him in the top 2 or 3 in the league in scoring average this year, as well. He has been a main cog in the lineup and provides a spark as the #1 spot on the team. He’s really striking the ball well this preseason and is a good influence in helping other teammates with the fundamentals of the game.

Junior Addison Schwartz will be poised to play in the #2 or #3 spot. He has improved in all areas in recent years and is starting to feed off his confidence and ability more and more each day on the course. His confidence and maintaining good golf course management will be key for us as a team to add another low scorer.

Seniors Keegan Jones, Chris Berquist and Damian Eldridge will see lots of time in the lineup. Keegan brings a lot of experience as a player has he has gotten the most playing time over the years. Chris, a new addition last year, has quickly helped the team and will be leaned on this year to do the same. Damian has also gotten some experience over the years, and this year as shown improvements in course management by staying out of trouble of getting a big score on two or three holes.

We have two new comers as freshman that could make an impact this year. Connor Delaney has shown great form and has looked sharp in the preseason. He has good skills and has a great approach and demeanor on the course. He will be fun to have for the next four years.

Josh Mattei, also a freshman, has shown good promise and is a very athletic kid, who is quickly improving and understanding the game.

Sophomores Ayden Desanctis, Calvin Fox, junior Kade Hamlin, and freshmen Jack Watson and Mason Harriman round out the roster.

I’m blessed that we have good students of the game that are eager to learn and like to play the game, but even better I have a good group that respect the game and are good with interacting with all their teammates.

We have had good success in recent years, evident by having multiple players playing yearly in the State Individual Championships, but as a team we have qualified for States the past two seasons, and would love to make it three straight. Losing Jordan Lowe will make it a little more difficult for sure, but I have a lot of confidence and am excited for this team to get that chance to qualify for States again.

Opener: The Raiders opened on Tuesday at home against Poland, and traveled Wednesday to Freeport.


Coach: Bill Reilly

Assistant Coach: Dylan Alden

Overview: Coach Reilly will provide a more in-depth piece next week. The Raiders competed in the Lake Region Invitational Saturday with junior Emily Carty winning the girls’ race in 18:36 — 37 seconds faster than Quincey Lyden of Westbrook.

Here’s how other Raiders fared:

  1. Zoe Maguire, soph, 20:44
  2. Irina Norkin, soph, 20:47
  3. Merys Carty, fr., 22:39
  • On the boys’ side, junior Christian Bedell was fourth overall in 16:19. Ben Breton of Windham set a course record in 14:56. Other FA competitors were:
  1. Alfie Walker, soph, 16:46
  2. Tony Santarelli, soph, 18:44
  3. Seth Johnston, jr., 19:10
  4. Ethan Reinbach, fr., 20:17
  5. Josh Rose, fr., 20:34
  6. Sam Paulding, 21:49

The Raiders placed fifth out of eight teams.

Opener: The Raiders travel to Falmouth today, Sept. 1 for a 4:30/5 p.m. meet against the Yachtsmen, St. Dom’s and Kennebunk.


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