Food Fairy update

Last Friday, at the start of a 12-day school recess, all Stevens Brook  Elementary students left with a 20-ounce snack bag of nutritious goodies, courtesy of the Food Fairy.

“We even made up five bags for youngsters with peanut allergies,” said Kirsten  McKenzie-Wears, manager of Food City, who spearheaded the project.

A major donation from Tim and Mitsie McKellick, pastors of The Lake Region  Vineyard Church, funded a majority of $2.50 snack bags. Thank you Tim and Mistie for all that you do for the community! The remainder of the bags were purchased and donated by Food City shoppers.

“We would like to send a great big, Thank You, to all of the loyal Food City customers who very graciously reached into their pockets to help in supporting this effort,” said George Bradt. “We hope that in the very near future we will be able to support a project where all kids who are in need will leave school on Friday afternoons with healthy snacks to get them through their weekends!”


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