Food Fairies feeding families

The outpouring of support for the grab-and-go snack bags has continued unabated at Food City in Bridgton.

“Just last week,” reports Food City manager Kirsten McKenzie-Wears, “we received a $250 donation from Tim and Mitsie McKellick, the pastors of the Lake Region Vineyard Church. That’s enough to purchase 100 more snack bags.”

The initial idea behind the Food Fairies is insuring that every Bridgton school child gets healthy snacks during the 12-day Christmas recess.

“Distribution and daily access to the snacks is going to be our major hurdle,” said McKenzie-Wears.

In addition to the Bridgton Community Center, both the food banks, and the Vineyard Church, little progress has been made in lining up caches of the snack bags outside of downtown, where a majority of the kids live.

“We approached Fire Chief Glen Garland, to use the various fire barns around town” said McKenzie-Wears. He replied, “That while my heart says ‘yes,’ my head says ‘no’.”

“Perhaps there’s a church or two around town which might briefly open their doors on a regular schedule during the holidays,” wondered McKenzie-Wears aloud.

In another development, the Food Fairies have agreed to give cooking classes to about 100 Stevens Brook Elementary School K-2nd graders during the seven afternoons of the early release days, which start early next month.

“That should be fun and chaotic,” noted McKenzie-Wears, who pointed out that Food City has agreed to provide the essential raw ingredients for snacking and baking.

For more information about the Food Fairies Feeding Families, please contact Kirsten McKenzie-Wears at 647-2766.

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