‘Firework’ song sparks ‘flash mob’

By Dawn De Busk
Staff Writer

NAPLES — Sporting red-white-and-blue leis, Amanda Krug and Jennifer Reissfelder finished a meal at Rick’s Café and found a spot on the sidewalk to catch the Fourth of July parade. The two women didn’t know their choices on the Causeway would put them front and center for a pleasant surprise.

As Katy Perry’s hit single, Fireworks, started emitting from nearby speakers, “We thought it was just part of the parade.”

Suddenly, about 20 people shot onto the street and began dancing in unison to the song so appropriate for Independence Day festivities.

“It was the first time I had seen a flash mob,” Krug said.

“And, we had front row seats,” Reissfelder added.

For the next three minutes and 43 seconds, the group led by Zumba instructor Vickie Toole executed the routine they had practiced during the week prior to the performance on the Causeway.

“It was exhilarating. The crowd went wild,” Toole said, of the cheering, whistles and in-time clapping that erupted from spectators.

Toole’s two daughters were among those who grooved to the upbeat music.

Olivia Toole, 10, said it was an awesome experience — one she has relived by watching the videotaping on YouTube, where it was downloaded under Maine flash mob dance.

“I think it was interesting to dance and surprise everyone,” Olivia said.

Her younger sister, seven-year-old Brooke, wasn’t so thrilled about having a live audience.

“It was kind of embarrassing ‘cause it was in front of all those people,” Brooke said.

Another seven-year-old dancer, Danielle Gordon, tossed aside any apprehension about performing in public.

“I was really excited, and I thought that it would be fun to surprise people,” she said.

“I felt like no one could judge me, and I was free to dance however I wanted,” Gordon said.

“I was really psyched to be in a flash mob,” she said.

Spectator Mona Barck witnessed the flash mob dance with her two sons. Immediately after it finished, she called a friend on her cell phone to share what she had just seen.

“I thought that was awesome,” said the Massachusetts resident, who typically travels to Naples for the Fourth of July weekend.

Joshua Barck, 8, said he has seen videos of “a famous flash mob dance at an England train station,” but this was the first time he had seen one in real life.

“It doesn’t happen every year,” he said.

Naples resident Andrea Dacko suggested performing a flash mob dance to friend Toole. With a newly paved Causeway lined with spectators, the Fourth of July offered a perfect opportunity to illustrate the zeal of Zumba dancing, and for community members to participate in the flash mob trend, she said.

While Dacko’s teenage daughter videotaped the dance on her cell phone, Dacko’s aunt waved an American flag — acting with Dacko as “color guard” during the whirlwind exhibition.

(Aunt) Marge Dacko was celebrating her birthday along with the Nation’s birthday.

“Every year for my birthday, they have a parade and let off fireworks at night,” Marge Dacko joked as she sat on a bench waiting for the cue to take to the streets.

“This year, I am going to be in my first flash mob,” she said.

Andrea said of Marge, “She is one of those people who are always game for a new experience.”

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