Emergency fuel funds desperately low

The Bridgton Community Center’s Fuel Collaborative has assisted 33 Bridgton families with emergency fuel the past two and a half months — and now funds are desperately low. In order to get through February, the Bridgton Community Center needs your help. The families that receive emergency assistance from this fund are generally hard-working, under-employed families or people on fixed incomes that do not qualify for General Assistance help.

The BCC needs to raise another $3,000 to get through the winter. If you have already contributed, there are 33 Bridgton families who thank you. If you want to contribute, send a check to BCC-Fuel at Bridgton Community Center, 15 Depot Street, Bridgton Maine 04009. Every penny goes for fuel.

There are many ways to describe winter. The snow sports fans and "plow guys” would say it's a good winter due to heavy snowfall. Schools would call it a good winter if they didn't have to call a lot of "snow days." Those who hate to shovel would revel at a light snowfall year. But for people who cannot afford to keep their families warm, they call it COLD. Thank you for keeping Bridgton warm.

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