Election Profile: House District 66

District 66, Maine State House Representative candidates:

Mary-Vienessa Fernandes, of Casco

Michael McClellan, of Raymond

Mary-Vienessa Fernandes

Mary-Vienessa Fernandes

Q: Could you please list your political background and any other experience that applies to the seat in Augusta?

Fernandes:My political background consists of serving for four years on the Casco Board of Selectmen, and for the past two years as chairman of that board. My experience extends beyond criminal justice and the developmentally- and mentally-challenged population. I have been a construction worker, school bus driver, historical field researcher, program manager for many different fields, and a lab technician for many diverse Fortune 500 corporations for two decades.

McClellan: Like many, I have been very involved in my community. I have served on many local committees and coached most sports. I served two elected terms as a Raymond School Board member (including being chair) and one term as a Raymond Selectman. I have been elected twice to represent Raymond, Frye Island, parts Poland and Standish (Maine House Seat 103).

Q: If you are elected to seat in Augusta, how do you plan to carry out the needs of your constituents? Considering what you’ve heard from the public, what are the needs and wants of your constituents?

Fernandes:I will carry out the needs and desires to the best of my ability by being watchful, listening well, and adhering to the guidelines and policies of the state of Maine set before me. Some of the needs and concerns of my constituents have been as follows: Senior housing, healthcare and retirement costs, addressing student loans/student debt, property tax relief for homeowners and environmental protections.

McClellan: I stay in constant touch with anyone who wants to interact. Opponents have complimented my ethic in returning contacts. I have a weekly blog, write in local newspapers and respond to all who ask in my district. I try to attend local events and meetings as I can. My constituents want local control and they want government to work like they run their family.

Michael McClellan

Michael McClellan

Q: If elected, is there any specific legislation that you plan to support or propose?

Fernandes:The needs of my constituents will always be first and foremost.

McClellan: The Milfoil Legislation I submitted this past session was big! Very cool. I run long distances and use the time to process. I have been thinking about returning to Augusta. One issue I consider on these runs is I would like to tackle the unfunded mandates our government puts on our schools. This costs them much money and time. I put a bill in two years ago that would have created a task force to identify and end unfunded mandates. I believe this would have been great for our schools, teachers and children. Unfortunately, none of the lobby groups chose to support it and it died. I am considering a way to resubmit the idea and to bypass the education lobbyists who do not seem to want this kind of change.


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