Election coverage: Harrison winners

By Lisa Williams Ackley

Staff Writer

HARRISON — Incumbent selectman William F. "Bill" Winslow and newcomer Christine W. Davis were elected to two three-year terms on the Harrison Board of Selectmen, at the polls on Tuesday.

All of the races here were uncontested.

Winslow had 315 ballots cast for him, while Davis received 266 votes. There were 176 blank votes cast.

Gordon A. Davis and James B. Dayton were elected to the two three-year positions on the Harrison Planning Board, with Davis garnering 308 votes and Dayton getting 250. There were 200 blank ballots cast.

Jonathan D. Whitney, who received 327 votes, will serve a five-year term on the Harrison Appeals Board. There were 52 blank ballots cast.

Albert R. Lisowski, who received 308 votes, will be the Harrison representative on the School Administrative District 17 Board of Directors. There were 71 blank votes cast.

Police — "yes" and "no"

Voters here answered two often-asked questions June 12, as to whether or not they want both a full-time deputy and a summertime deputy.

There were 242 ballots cast in favor of having a full-time Cumberland County Sheriff's deputy, while 129 were opposed. There were six blank votes cast.

The proposal for a summertime deputy went down to defeat, by a vote of 145 in favor and 223 opposed. There were nine blank ballots cast.

They enacted a Fireworks ordinance by a vote of 236 in favor and 130 opposed. There were 11 blank ballots cast.

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