Election briefs

By Lisa Williams Ackley
Staff Writer

As The Bridgton News went to press on Wednesday, there was still a race between Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage of Waterville and Independent candidate Eliot Cutler of Cape Elizabeth.

As of noon on Nov. 3, Mainetoday.com showed LePage ahead of Cutler, with 94% of precincts reporting — Lepage had 205,418 votes to 197,970 cast for Cutler, or 38% to 37%.

Voters in 15 Lake Region towns in both Cumberland and Oxford Counties, however, turned out at the polls Tuesday, and overall they cast 11,486 votes for LePage, 5,318 ballots for Cutler and 2,581 votes for Democrat Libby Mitchell. Independent candidates Shawn Moody and Kevin Scott received 1,163 and 174 ballots, respectively. Mitchell conceded the gubernatorial race to Cutler and LePage, fairly early Tuesday evening.

Casino Vote is 50/50

Again, at press time, Mainetoday.com was reporting that the vote on whether or not to allow a casino in Oxford County was too close to call.

As of noon Wednesday, 266,154 ballots had been cast in favor and 261,315 opposed, with 565 of 596 precincts, or 95%, reporting.

Witonis is Cumberland County Commissioner

Former Casco selectman Susan Witonis bested incumbent Malory Shaughnessy of Windham to become Cumberland County Commissioner, with Witonis receiving a total of 6,064 votes to 3,304 ballots cast for Shaughnessy

Vote totals by town were as follows: Baldwin — Shaughnessy, 207; Witonis, 319; Bridgton — Shaughnessy, 730; Witonis, 1,280; Casco — Shaughnessy, 394; Witonis, 711; Naples — Shaughnesssy, 475; Witonis, 1,037; Raymond — Shaughnessy, 809; Witonis, 1,184; and Sebago — Shaughnessy, 283; Witonis, 409.

Casco Recall Ordinance Passes Overwhelmingly

Voters in Casco overwhelmingly enacted an Ordinance to Recall Elected Officials (selectmen) by almost a 3 to 1 margin, with 1,179 casting ballots in favor of the recall ordinance and 348 were opposed.

Fryeburg to vote budget at town meeting

Next June, voters in Fryeburg will once again vote on the municipal budget at the annual town meeting, rather than by secret ballot at the polls.

A total of 722 ballots were cast in favor of returning to the annual town meeting method of approval of the budget, with 722 in favor and 527 opposed.

Fryeburg voters also approved allowing municipal employees to enroll in the Maine State Retirement System, with 768 in favor and 412 against.

Denmark to appoint fire chief

The Town of Denmark will now have an appointed fire chief, rather than an elected one, after voters approved an amendment to the town charter allowing the change. There were 390 ballots cast in favor of the charter amendment and 138 opposed.

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