Eastman wins Four on the Fourth race

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By Wayne E. Rivet

Staff Writer

Like the old postal service slogan goes, no bad weather conditions will slow down Silas Eastman or Tim Even.

As champion runners, both have conquered whatever stormy conditions Mother Nature can whip up.

So, when a little mist turned into rain during last Wednesday’s 36th annual Bridgton 4 on the Fourth Road Race, the seasoned runners welcomed the cooler temperatures.

“I’d rather run in the rain than the heat,” said Eastman, 17, of Chatham, N.H., who won the four miler for the first time, in 21 minutes, 33 seconds.

Eastman, a two-time defending Class B cross country champion from Fryeburg Academy, pulled away from Raider alum Tim Even of Stoneham along Main Street to claim the victory.

“Silas is incredible. I knew he would have a great kick at the end,” said Even, who just finished up an impressive senior season at the University of Southern Maine, which included an appearance in the national track championships in California just a couple of weeks ago. “I approached this race as a fun run, just getting back into it after Nationals and trying to prepare for the Beach to Beacon (race).”

Even, who starred during his days at the Academy, admits he is more of a “track guy” while Eastman is built to be a dominant cross-country runner. Even competed in the 1500 meters as a member of the Huskies track team, and ran that distance at Nationals, where he placed 17th.

“I’ve been telling Silas that is where his strength is. He’s got the build, and has worked very hard to be where he is. I’m proud of what he has been able to accomplish, including winning the race today,” Even said.

Even placed second in 21 minutes, 41 seconds followed by Peter Bottomley, 50, of Cape Elizabeth in 22:08.

Emily Ward, 30, of Richmond, Va. captured the women’s title in 24:26. Vacationing with family members on Long Lake, Ward also enjoyed the cooler temperatures.

“The conditions were perfect,” said Ward, who is training to compete in triathlons. “I’m used to humidity. I think this past week it was over 102 every day in Virginia.”

Cathleen Balantic, 25, of Niantic, Conn. was second in 25:12, while April Werning, 36, of Portland was third in 25:21.

Race Director Jim Cossey reported that 2012 produced a record number of runners registering for the race at 2101. With 1,878 finishers, 2012 was a record setter. The previous high was 1,757.

Cossey said a new online registration record was set   :1,442. 2012 marked the earliest date — March 5 — to reach 500 registrations (i.e. date when 500 free t-shirts are gone).

The race also featured the largest number of camper runners since 2006: 503.

“I think this reflects an improving economy,” Cossey said.

Here are the age class winners:

10 and under: Elizabeth O’Horo, 10, of New Jersey, 32:30; Jack Becker of Winthrop, Mass., 27:14.

Ages 11-13: Elise Conforti, 13, of Chantilly, 29:34; Benjamin Breton, 13, of Windham, 25:14.

Ages 14-18: Jenna Hill, 18, of Jackson, N.H., 28:56; Nicholas Brown, 14, of Madison, N.H., 23:25.

Ages 19-24: Robyn Nicholson, 19, of South Carolina, 26:56; Max Warner, 24, of Missouri, 22:50.

Ages 25-29: Erin Saulnier, 29, of Revere, Mass., 27:01; Noah Bernstein, 26, of New York, N.Y., 23:44.

Ages 30-34: Eliza McQuaid, 32, of Flagstaff, Ariz., 29:11; Chris Garvin, 31, of Charlestown, R.I., 23:44.

Ages 35-39: Kelley St. Hilaire, 36, of Lewiston, 28:40; Florian Knappe, 38, of Saundhausen, BA, 26:41.

Ages 40-44: Leigh Fisher, 41, Scarborough, 28:32; Kyle Rhoads, 42, 23:41.

Ages 45-49: Veronica Haskell, 45, Raymond, 27:20; Darin Brown, 45, Madison, N.H., 24:49.

Ages 50-54: Jeanne Hackett, 53, Scarborough, 27:03; Arno Bommer, 52, Houston, Texas, 26:49.

Ages 55-59: Martha McManamy, 55, Newburyport, Mass., 30:50; Kyle Conforte, 55, Bridgton, 25:34.

Ages 60-64: Ann Johnson, 61, Bridgton, 34:11; Bill Reilly, 64, Brownfield, 26:30.

Ages 65-69: Sally Swenson, 69, North Conway, N.H., 35:19; John Blanchard, 65, Nokomis, Fla., 30:50.

Ages 70-74: Suzanne Federer, 73, Kearsarge, N.H., 57:28; Tony Federer, 73, Kearsarge, N.H., 35:35.

Ages 75-79: Carol Davis, 75, Bridgton, 1:03.11; John Howe, 77, Waterford, 34:55.

Ages 80 and Over: No women; Kirk Butterfield, 81, Kennebunk, 38:15; John Crowe, 85, Lovell, 1:03.08.


Top boy: Ryan Sevel, 16, Camp Wigwam, 25:20.

Top girl: Samantha Friborg, 12, Camp Newfound, 29:45.

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