Dog dispensers: Do we or don’t we

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — One local elected official turned up his nose at the donation of three dispensers for plastic bags to assist dog owners.

The reason: The gift came with strings attached.

A Scarborough-based veterinary clinic would be advertised on the dispensers. The phone number would provide tourists — and anyone else — with a 24-hour pet emergency contact.

According to Naples Selectmen Rick Paraschak, the board should continue to steer away from advertising in Naples’ public spaces, including the Causeway and the Village Green, likely spots for the dispensers.

“Do we want to get into advertising? Like, what if someone donates a trash can and wants the name of their business on it,” he said.

Paraschak said he would prefer to ask an area veterinary office first, and give that business the first chance to donate the dispensers and benefit from the advertising.

“I don’t want a bunch of feedback,” he said, adding, people will say, “Why are you doing a national company when we have a vet place right here in town?”

Chairman Dana Watson said he would rather not turn down the free contribution to the town.

“It just seems to me like we are throwing away that money — that’s $900 for three dispensers,” Watson said.

Selectman Christine Powers, who had earlier clarified that the board must vote to accept all donations and gifts, said she would contact the local veterinary clinic. She would see if that business was interested in the dog-bag dispenser deal.

Town Manger Derik Goodine joked, “I guess we could wait a couple more weeks; and get some more fertilizer on the lawn.”


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