Community Band creates musical tribute fund in Honabergers’ memory

The families of Carol and Dale Honaberger are pleased that a committee from the Bridgton Community Band on Monday announced the creation of a musical tribute fund, “In Memory of the Honabergers.”

The aim of the fund is to finance a suitable musical memorial to Dale and Carol, who died in a car crash Jan. 15. Carol and Dale's families have previously stated that, in lieu of flowers, donations could be made to the Bridgton Library and the Holly Fund, the latter begun by Norway Veterinary Hospital to honor Holly Dog, the Honaberger’s reading therapy dog, who survived the crash.

The band, of which Dale was a longtime member, sought to achieve a lasting tribute while minimizing the need for long-term management. After consideration of many alternatives, the committee decided that donations to the “In Memory of the Honabergers” fund would be used to acquire musical instruments, which will be donated to the local school district for use by students. The instruments will carry an escutcheon with the inscription, “In Memory of Dale and Carol Honaberger.” It is envisaged that the fund will run over the next few months, so that instruments can be donated to the school district in time for use during the 2015 academic year and thereafter.

Donations can be made through any branch of Norway Savings Bank by a check made out to “In Memory of the Honabergers.” Unless anonymity is required, the donor should ask the bank to ensure their name is on the receipt.

For more information, contact committee members Dick Albert at 647-9035, Lonnie Lauer D.O. at 647-5482 or Bob Ryan at 647-5266.

A Memorial Service to celebrate the lives of Dale and Carol Honaberger will be held on Sunday, Feb. 22, at 2 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, 33 South High Street, Bridgton.

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