Character award winner Kamen Scott learned valuable lessons on the gridiron

While his team had a losing record, Kamen Scott proved he was always a winner on the football play because of his good sportsmanship, dedication and good character.

While his team had a losing record, Kamen Scott proved he was always a winner on the football field  because of his sportsmanship, dedication and good character.

BIDDEFORD — Kamen Scott epitomized what Lake Region varsity football coach Brian Jahna wants to see in his players.

Kamen gave full effort from start to finish, even his legs and body became weary after taking a pounding for 32 minutes with few breaks.

He filled in wherever he was needed — be it in the trenches, a thumper at linebacker or even a bulldozer at fullback — to help his team.

And, Kamen always showed good sportsmanship.

Kamen Scott was a perfect choice to represent Lake Region at the annual Shriners’ Lobster Bowl game, played over the weekend at Waterhouse Field in Biddeford.

At the banquet on the night before the game, Kamen was presented with the West “Team Advisor Award” for his outstanding character, leadership and football awareness. “We are extremely proud of this accomplishment, primarily because at Lake Region, we are attempting to be a character driven program,” Coach Jahna said. “We knew that we were sending a young man that epitomizes the positive qualities that we would like to be the hallmark of our program.  We are proud of Kamen and thankful, but not surprised, that the West Team coaching staff recognized what a special young man he is. He acted as a wonderful ambassador for our program and our community.”

Kamen’s mother, Matty Mack, certainly was proud of her son’s achievements and honor. While at the banquet, Kamen heard a comment that he mentioned to his mother. It left her slightly perturbed to a point that she crafted the following entitled, “Thoughts from a Football Mom.” It sends a strong message regarding what a true winner really is:

“The game was good today. The weather also held up nicely. The West Team did not walk away with the win, but they played hard. Kamen and I were talking and reflecting on his football journey. We talked about although you don’t always win the game, how you play the game and how you deal with defeat shapes who you are.

“I remember a coach of mine in high school took me aside after I had announced that I was ready to quit the volleyball team. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that if you quit now, you will always be a quitter. Quitting will become your solution when things get tough. Those words helped shape the person I am today. I went on to receive many awards and played college volleyball and received many awards there, as well. The reality is that the trophies will collect dust somewhere on a shelf eventually, but the lessons you learn and the decisions you make will have lasting effects to shape the person you will become. Having good character is something that helps you rise above defeat in life.

“Kamen shared with me today that someone at the banquet (a parent of some A-teamer) had the audacity to ask Kamen, ‘So how does it feel to have to play for a losing team?’ (referring to Lake Region football) UNREAL! No one wins everything all their lives. Hard times come to develop character. Thank God they do or we’d be spoiled and take everything for granted. When you put a conscious effort into being the best version of you that you can be and love and respect others, now that is something. I’d rather have my son play for a team that doesn’t win every game and grows from that experience so that he can walk away his senior year ready to face the good and the bad realities in life with humility, than to have him sail through life and when adversity comes, have it destroy him because he’s never been taught how to handle not having things go his way.

“Maybe after Kamen’s name was announced for the Team Advisor Award given for good character and leadership; maybe then that parent got a clue! There is a valuable lesson to learn when dealing with failure, and it’s called perseverance, it’s called commitment, it’s called humility! Thanks to the many coaches who have helped mentor Kamen and continue to help shape the lives of these young men who work so hard. And, may these young men grasp the true victory that lies within the lessons of defeat.

“Oh, and we have an answer for that other football mom who asked Kamen, ‘So what is it like to play for a losing team?’ Kamen’s answer is, ‘He doesn’t know because he has never had to play with losers.’”

Well put, Matty Mack!

And, congratulations Kamen!




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