Changing political landscape for Casco voters

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — Voters in the town of Casco are among those residents who will be affected by the recent redistricting for the state legislator races.

According to Casco Town Manager Dave Morton, “If you moved from one side of Route 302 to another, you are in a different district.”

Morton informed residents that Casco has two voting districts, which are referred to as District 66 and District 67. Therefore, when people arrive at the polls this Tuesday, they will be asked by election officers to verify their physical address.

A simple verbal acknowledgement of where they live is all that is needed, Morton said.

Registered voters will not be required to show an identification (ID) card or a utility bill to prove where they live, he said.

“We are just trying to get people used to the change” before next Tuesday’s elections, he said.

“Even though there are two different districts in Casco, there will be one location for voting,” Morton said.

“There just are different ballots for different districts,” he said, adding that the personnel working on Election Day will provide the correct ballot based on the district in which a voter lives.

Per usual, the polling location is the Casco Community Center.

The only people who need to bring physical ID are people registering for the first time to vote in Casco as well as any other town of residency.

According to the website for the Bureau of Corporations, Elections, redistricting typically happens every 10 years and is based on the most recent Census results of populations in Maine towns.

Redistricting is also called apportionment.

Basically, the changes go into effect during the June 2014 primaries and the gubernatorial election in November.

For District 66, the people running for representative to State House are: Mary-Vienessa Fernandes (D-Casco); Lisa Willey (Green-Independent-Casco); and Michael McClellan (R-Raymond).

For District 67, the people running for the position of representative to State House are: Bonnie Titcomb Lewis (D-Raymond) and Susan M. Austin (R-Gray).

Naples is now District 68, which includes Sebago and Baldwin. The candidates vying for the State House seat are Christine Powers (D-Naples) and Rich Cebra (R-Naples).

In District 19, which now encompasses Naples, current State Sen. Jim Hamper (R-Oxford) is running against Rose Rogers-Wells (D-Brownsfield).

The State Senate race for District 26, which applies to Casco voters, is between Bill Diamond (D-Windham) and David T. Call (R-Standish).

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