Causeway starting to take shape

By Dawn De Busk
Staff Writer

COMING TOGETHER NICELY — Significant progress was made along the Naples Causeway this past week as paving and sidewalk work continued. The Naples Fire and Rescue Department pledged to donate a pole and an American flag to be part of the Causeway. (Photo courtesy of Brad Bradstreet)

NAPLES — Picture an American flag hoisted up on a 60-foot pole on the Causeway. From that height, the grand ol’ flag will wave to boaters on both Long Lake and Brandy Pond.

When darkness comes, outdoor lighting will illuminate the Stars and Stripes.

The Naples Fire and Rescue Department has pledged the donation of a pole and an American flag to be erected on the Causeway later this year.

While our Nation’s flag atop its 60-fooat perch won’t be seen during the 2011 Memorial Day weekend, paving crews have provided a smoother ride for traffic passing through Naples during the holiday.

Temporary pavement was put in place to even out the dip on the west side of the drawbridge, according to Craig Hurd, project engineer with the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Also, approximately 1,000 feet of shoulder was paved — on the Long Lake side of Route 302, Hurd said on Tuesday.

“We were able to sneak it in before the rain really started on Saturday morning,” he said.

He anticipated the shoulder on the other side of Route 302 could be paved Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

“We are still waiting for the sun to come out,” Hurd said.

A week’s worth of rainy weather slowed down Rampart Paving, the company subcontracted by Wyman and Simpson to complete the paving project.

It was vital that paving on Route 302 be wrapped up by Thursday because lane closures are not permitted on that road from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. However, paving can continue on Route 114 since lane closures will be allowed on the roadway, Hurd said. On Monday, Selectman Robert “Bob” Caron Sr. said he was pleased how the Causeway was coming together, and that the crews had done a great job on the road. Caron reported to fellow selectmen that one of the highlights of the most recent Causeway Renovation Committee meeting was the local fire department’s donation of a 60-foot flagpole and American flag to the Town of Naples.

The pole will require a fourfoot foundation to hold it into the ground. One of the possible locations for the proposed flagpole is the green area in front of the town dock, especially since it’s a spot where it is possible to run electrical wires and to install a light fixture.

“We have a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs to sell to pay for that 60-foot pole,” Selectman Rick Paraschak said, referring to the fire department’s food booth sales during town-sponsored events.

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