Casco Village Church celebrates 175 years

nw-dd36-casco-church-celebrates-175-photoBy Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — The Casco Village Church is rooted in the history of the town.

Both the Town of Casco and the church were founded in 1841; and, 2016 marks the 175th anniversary of those early beginnings.

In fact, the church, now known as Casco Village Church, United Church of Christ (CVCUCC), has on display the pew deeds which are more than 150 years old. One of the documents shows that pew 11 was deeded to David Rogers on Dec. 11, 1841.

Those pew deeds dating back to the 1800s were a means of raising money for the construction of the church.

People donated money to the church; and they received a deed for one of the pews in the sanctuary.

“I thought it was a quite clever way of getting people to donate the money. Now, we have a giving tree,” said Rev. Joyce Long, who has served as CVCUCC pastor for 15 years.

“The funny part is that people now own the pews. People sit in the same spots. Very few people change their spots in the pews,” Long said.

“When I am doing a sermon, I look at the congregation and I know” who will be sitting in which pews because it is the same every Sunday, she said.

This Sunday, the pews will provide seating for some honored guests.

That is because the 175th year celebration will take place this Sunday, starting at 10 a.m.

The special guests include State Sen. Bill Diamond, former CVC minister Rev. Chuck Ihloff, and UCC Maine Conference Minister Rev. Deborah Blood.

While some people may use their voices for sermons or speeches, members of the choir will use their voices to celebrate through song.

A special presentation is planned by the church choir under the direction of Eugene Long. Also, the congregation will be treated to enlightening musical instruments when Evan Cuddy, a member of the Longfellow String Quartet, plays the viola. Additionally, Linda McVety, an area music teacher, will perform pieces on the cello.

A reception with refreshments will follow the worship services.

Then, on Sunday, Aug. 18, the church will hold a Rally Day that is more geared toward children in the congregation.

Rally Day is also part of the 175th anniversary. The planned events include the types of activities that would have taken place in 1841.

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