Casco septic project limits library entrances

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — A much-needed septic replacement project has limited the library to one entrance.

The Casco Village Library is informing patrons to use the front door that faces the Village Green and Meadow Road, also known as Route 121.

Typically, people using the library enter through the back door because that is where the parking lot is.

However, this week, that passage way is off limits.

The town-owned septic system is being replaced and hooked up to the finished leach field.

“They are putting in new septic tanks. They are about mid-project,” Casco Chairman Holly Hancock said.

“They are working right now on the septic tanks and connecting the sewer lines to the new leach field,” she said.

This week, the contractor dug under the pavement and removed the steps to the library’s back door, according to Hancock.

“There is no access to the library from the back,” she said. “The access is Meadow Road, from the Village Green.”

The town became aware a few years ago that the aging septic system needed to be replaced.

Fortunately, the cost was covered by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEPT) Superfund, which was awarded to Town of Casco because of the Tenney Hill Waste Oil site. The superfund can be used for projects which protect ground water.

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