Casco residents push for revaluation

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO – Some community members are pushing to have a professional revaluation of property in Casco.

The issue will have its day at the ballot box.

The citizens signature petition was brought before the Casco Board of Selectmen on Tuesday.  According to the paperwork, the cost would be capped at $290,000 to do revaluations on all property in Casco.

The selectmen did not support spending money to update property values around town. They voted against recommending a revaluation.

However, the board did vote to put the question on the ballot for voters to decide on Nov. 8. During that statewide polling day, voters in some districts will also be seating commissioners for Cumberland and Somerset counties. Also, a handful of citizen-driven referendums will be on that November ballot.

On Oct. 19, a public hearing on the ballot issue — whether or not to update property valuations — will be held in the Casco Community Center.

“People will have an opportunity then to say what they think” about updating Casco property values, Town Manager Dave Morton said.

Selectmen Ray Grant said he did not favor a revaluation.

“It isn’t just a cost factor,” Grant said, adding property taxes paid to Cumberland County and the school district are based on state valuations. It does not make sense to spend the money on revaluations when it would not lower property taxes for residents, he said.

Casco resident Robert Levesque was one of the people involved in circulating the petition, which had over 200 signatures.

Levesque was not present at the board meeting.

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