Casco junkyard violation might head to court

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — A junkyard ordinance violation, that was brought to the town’s attention last autumn, could go to court this summer.

Last fall, the Casco Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Don Murphy heard from neighbors that a resident on Lakewood Drive had been piling up nonoperable, nonregistered vehicles around the home in a barricade fashion.

Despite a letter that was delivered by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the resident did not remove the vehicles or other objects from approximately one-tenth of an acre of his lot, Murphy said.

“The action has moved to the sheriff’s phase and to the court phase,” he said.

Since he was uncertain of the judicial outcome of that case, Murphy had a backup plan.

“If the individual doesn’t take care of the issue, the town will move forward and take care (of the removal) of the items,” he said.

There is the job of finding a contractor that is certified to remove hazardous materials and to coordinate the removal with the fire department.

The objects to be removed — either by the landowner or the town — include construction debris, a rusted boat trailer, junked vehicles, and other potentially hazardous materials.

“Some of the neighbors are concerned,” Murphy said.

If and “when we do get started, we’ll coordinate it as best as possible,” he said.


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