Casco Energy Expo

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

Casco Energy Committee members (from left to right) Lynn Potter, Barbara York, Peg Dilley, and Mary-Vienessa Fernandes hold earth-friendly plates and cups. The plates and cups are made from materials that compost in 30 to 45 days, and will be showcased during an Energy Expo and Small Business Fair held at the Casco Community Center in conjunction with Election Day on Nov. 8.

CASCO – Residents of this town are being encouraged to bring their laptop computers to the polling place on Election Day.

No, this is not a new-fangled way to vote.

Instead, an Energy Expo and a Small Business Fair will be held in conjunction with Election Day at the Casco Community Center on Nov. 8.

During the Energy Expo, which will take place in the small meeting room, residents can receive an energy audit from Efficiency Maine — if they bring a laptop computer.

“I invite everyone to come down to the Casco Community Center on election day, bring your questions, your laptops, and your energy bills,” Casco Energy Committee member Lynn Potter said.

Potter — along with committee member Peg Dilley — did a quick presentation on the upcoming Energy Expo. They spoke during a recent Casco Board of Selectmen meeting.

Representatives from PACE Energy will be present at the exposition as well as people who are knowledgeable about solar energy and geo-thermal energy.

Committee members were especially excited about the natural plates and cups they had ordered for refreshments during Polling Day. Made from sugar cane, the plates and cups compost back into the earth in 30 to 45 days, Dilley said. The group had ordered decompostable garbage bags made from popcorn polymer, too.

The committee researched vendors and different products, and will have that information available for the public at the Energy Expo, Potter said.

“We thought it would be cool to do school projects to compare compostable products against other brands. In some cases, I don’t think the prices are exorbitant compared to the same sturdiness and size of noncompostable products,” she said.

“They also have trays — like kids use in the school cafeteria — that can go in the compost pile,” Dilley added.

Dilley said the products were ideal “for the home person who wants to use it for their own compost in the corner of the yard.”

According to Selectman Mary-Vienessa Fernandes, who serves on the energy committee, last year’s successful Small Business Fair — with over 35 local businesses represented — and the planned Energy Expo are examples of what can happen with communication and collaboration and on-task meetings.

“It started with talking about it, with word of mouth. Everybody played a small part. (Town Manager) Dave (Morton) came up with idea to hold it on Election Day because of the highest volume of foot traffic. (Park and Recreation Director) Beth Latsey helped.  It was everyone working together,” she said.

Fernandes said the venue and timing — the polling place on Election Day — should boost the turnout for the Energy Expo. Based on last year’s business fair, she predicted the expo would be successful, but the successes might be for the residents who take advantage of it.

Or, Polling Day could be a time for socializing at the town’s community center, she said.

“It brings the community together. If you aren’t interested in the business fair, you might be interested in the Energy Expo,” Fernandes said.  “I believe (the events taking place) will make people linger a bit.”

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