Casco Election: Selectmen candidates Grant Plummer, Robert MacDonald Jr.

Grant Plummer

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — When Mainers go to the polls on Tuesday, June 12, they will decide who will run for governor this fall.

During the Primary Election, many towns also have local seats on the ballot. Those include planning board, board of selectmen, and representation for the regional school board.

This year, the Town of Casco has only one three-year seat available on the board of selectmen. Since the board is made up of five people, this happens every third year.

Incumbent Grant Plummer is wrapping up a second term and going for number three. Plummer is self-employed in the home construction business. He and his wife Sally are raising four girls and one boy.

Robert MacDonald Jr.

Challenger Robert E. MacDonald Jr., works as an Internet Technology (IT) administrator for Point Sebago Resort in Casco.


Why did you take out nomination papers for the Casco Board of Selectmen term?

  • MacDonald – It has been something that I have been thinking about for a while.
  • Plummer – I am finishing up my second term as a selectman in Casco that means finishing my sixth year! I believe it is important to be involved in the community. I hope the residents of Casco come out and support me in my re-election!

What do you consider to be the top issues in the Town of Casco?

  • MacDonald – The lack of full-time job opportunities, providing a livable wage. Taxes are always going to be a top issue. We need to be sure that we are financially responsible with the taxpayers’ money. And the providing for the poor and elderly of our Town.
  • Plummer – There are a number of things/issues going on in Casco all the time. Municipal business is very interesting and not always easy. We are all just regular people doing what we think is the best for the community. In the very near future I would like to see the select board create a clear short-term and long-term road plan including schedules and funding.

Are there policies, ordinances, budgetary matters etc., which could help guide Casco into the future? That future being based on the town’s comprehensive plan and other concerns/desires expressed by the residents such as keeping the mil rate low.

  • MacDonald – I think that the select board could use a fresh pair of eyes to view the policies, ordinances, and budgetary matters. To look at the way things are currently being done and to see if there may be a different way of accomplishing the policies, and ordinances of the Town. That future being based on the town’s comprehensive plan and other concerns/desires expressed by the residents such as keeping the mil rate low. I feel that I would need to review the comprehensive plan to better understand it. It is always everyone’s opinion that the mil rate is too high, I think that the town needs to find different ways of informing the residents what is happening in town. Thomas Jefferson said “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.
  • Plummer – We have some work to do to update codes, ordinances in Casco. Our Comprehensive Plan is due for an update, but the same core parts of water quality and access to open spaces are still very important. We’ll need to be planning for our future by doing these updates.

Why do you view public service as important?

  • MacDonald – The last line of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address reads “And that Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” I feel that if truly the government is of the people, by the people, for the people. Being a resident of the Town of Casco, it is my duty to become involved. I live in Casco, went to school here, and I work in this town. I don’t feel that I can complain about town government, if I am not willing to be a part of it.
  • Plummer – Community service is very important in my life. We love raising our family in this community and feel strongly that it is important to be involved. Weather it is volunteering as a recreation sports coach or as an elected official, it is all great work in supporting the community I love.
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