Casco considers dangers on Point Sebago Road

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — Slow down because one never knows what is around the curve.

In the case of Point Sebago Road, a driver is often presented with too many parked vehicles and not enough shoulder to safely pass oncoming cars.

During the Casco Board of Selectmen meeting recently, Selectman Thomas Peaslee brought up some public safety concerns on Point Sebago Road.

The Sebago Lake Rotary Ice Fishing Derbies on the previous weekend had acerbated the parking problem, he said.

“Everyone parks up on Point Sebago Road toward Lakewood Road, near the culvert and the stop sign. There is 90-degree turn,” Peaslee said. “There is not a good shoulder there. People are forced to drive off the road. If you drive down there and look, there are tire tracks in the snow in the ditch.”

He said he was unsure what method the town could use to prevent this.

The town could “put up ‘No Parking’ signs on the 90-degree turn,” he said, adding he did not understand why people would risk parking their vehicles in such a spot to begin with.

“At some time we need to address this. The trucks are driving off the shoulder,” he said.

According to Chairman Holly Hancock, the town roads have been posted since Friday, Feb. 23.

Peaslee said that Point Sebago Road was on the town’s road repair and paving list.

“Every time I drive down it, I think there won’t be much road left to pave,” he said.

He said the frost heaves have further deteriorated the poor condition of the road. Plus, people accessing Sebago Lake for winter recreational purposes are often parking on a road that is already too narrow.

Hancock agreed, and saw the road from the viewpoint of an emergency responder with Casco Fire and Rescue Department.

“I was there recently for a vehicle off the road, there isn’t much of a shoulder,” she said.

Hancock said that heavy vehicles hauling sand and semi-trucks travelling on Point Sebago Road would be in violation of the road postings.

In a related matter, the Casco selectmen will hold a road repair workshop on March 13 during their regular meeting which starts at 6:30 p.m.

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