Casco Board of Selectmen meeting

CASCO – On Monday, the Casco Board of Selectmen forgave a property tax bill for $99.18, and wrote it off as uncollectable.

Three different households have lived on the Casco property over a two-year period, according to Town Manager David Morton. The town had not been aware that a mobile home on the parcel had been sold and re-located, he said.

The most recent property owner has paid the current tax bill, Morton said, adding the resident also brought the back-taxes balance to zero – even though the back taxes accrued before the resident moved onto the property.

The remaining $99.18 tax debt was from 2009, he said.

In other business, the board approved the carry forward balance for the 2009-10 budget.

Selectmen Ray Grant questioned several minus signs in the Parks and Recreation budget, asking if the department was in the negative.

“We haven’t overspent. Within the recreation department, we have a lot of programs. If we look at art camps or a Halloween party – any of those may be a little over what we budgeted,” Morton said. “Overall, the Parks and Rec had a positive balance of $16,000.”

Another number that caught the board’s attention was $3,000 that’s been carried forward for several years. Morton explained that amount has been ear-marked for a study of Route 302’s business section, but with no changes to the zoning laws, the money won’t be used anytime soon.

“The board has to approve all carry forwards. We then send those to the audit company, which includes them in the year-end financial statements,” Morton said.

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