Casco bakery business to hold grand opening



BLUEBERRY BLISS — Here is an eyeful of just a few of the bakery items at the new business in Casco, Kindred Farms Market and Bakery. Owners of the family-run business are hoping folks will want a mouthful, too.

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — Kindred Farms Market and Bakery has already been giving customers a taste of what the new business has to offer.

The store has been open to the public for two week now. It is located in the historical farmhouse at the junction of Routes 11 and 121 in Casco.

“People love the fact that we are in an old 1880 farmhouse that we have totally renovated ourselves. We have repurposed as many of the old materials as possible to do our renovations,” co-owner Corrin Conforte said.

“The history on this corner — known as Pikes Corner — is quite extensive: Once a butcher shop in the 1800s to a horse jockey hangout,” Conforte said.

“We are a family-run business and offer produce, seasonal goods, takeout breakfast and lunch” as well as the bakery items which Conforte and her daughter create. The business offers the service of custom-ordered cakes, too.

The mom and daughter team were present at the Casco Business Expo during Election Day in November. People were able to sample coffee cakes and baked goods, and learn about the women’s plan to start their new business the following summer. They had already pinned down the location.

“My daughter and I have gone into business together and it’s been a dream fulfilled,” she said.

This weekend, the family is ready to really celebrate the new business.

The grand opening for Kindred Farms Market and Bakery will be Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The physical address of the business is 595 Meadow Road.

“My family members will be dressed up in cupcake costumes and carrot costumes, handing out free samples and coffee,” Conforte said, adding door prizes will be drawn. The store and its location have “generated a lot of interest through our Facebook page,” she said. The Conforte family is looking forward to seeing the faces of people in the community and future customers during Saturday’s grand opening.

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