Cape Elizabeth passes on Pararschak

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — Naples Town Manager Ephrem Paraschak will be staying in Naples.

It was public news that Paraschak was one of two finalists being considered to replace the Cape Elizabeth town manager, who retired last month.

However, who got the job is not yet official news. It was not listed on the Cape Elizabeth town website. The last press release is a Dec. 21 announcement, saying that a decision will be made during the week of Jan. 9.

Paraschak confirmed that he had received word that the other candidate was chosen. The other top pick is Matthew Sturgis, the current code enforcement officer in Cape Elizabeth.

The topic of Paraschak applying for this town manager position came up at the Naples Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday.

“Ephrem has applied for another job in another town,” resident Jim Grattelo said during public participation time. “Doesn’t he have a contract with the Town of Naples?”

Selectman Dana Watson said, “Yes, he does.”

Paraschak said his job contract with the town is valid “for another 2½ years guaranteed.”

Grattelo asked, “What was the plan to get out of contract?”

Watson said, “Derik (Goodine) did the same thing.”

Paraschak waited momentarily to speak.

“Again, there was nothing wrong with Naples. It was a career opportunity,” he said.

“Like most town managers, my contract has a 30-day notice. I can leave” this position with a 30-day notice, Paraschak said.

Grattelo asked if the clause went both ways.

“Can the board give you a 30-day notice?

If the board wanted to terminate you, can they give you a 30-day notice?” Grattelo asked.

Paraschak clarified.

“No, no, no, I can’t remember the exact clause. But, there is a buy out. The board can buy out my contract,” he said.

Grattelo wrapped up his interactive public participation time.

“You say you aren’t going anywhere. You aren’t taking the job,” he said.

Paraschak said, “I wasn’t offered it.”

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