Bridgton to host Four Square World Championships Feb. 23

For the 16th year, the Lakes Environmental Association ( in snowy Bridgton will host the Four Square World Championships, on Saturday, Feb. 23, at 5 p.m., at the Bridgton Academy Gymnasium.  

Bridgton Academy is located in North Bridgton.

The championships are open to the public, so expect to see more than 100 people of all shapes, sizes and stature in attendance. Competitors from many states will battle for the greatest four-square titles in the world. Officials from Square Four, the Four Square League of Boston, will oversee the event. 

The Lakes Environmental Association collects a $10 registration fee to support their local environmental work. There is no advance registration required but, if possible, please e-mail an RSVP to Peter Lowell with an indication of where you are coming from and how many players and spectators you intend to bring.

It would be a good idea to book lodging early and plan to take advantage of the skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and more that Bridgton has to offer. 

The day will look like this:

• 5 p.m. Open registration and beginner rule workshop

• 5:30 p.m. Men’s and women’s general entry (top 50 percent advance)

• 6:15 p.m. Men’s and women’s semifinals (top 25 percent advance)

• 6:45 p.m. Women’s finals (winner takes all)

• 7:10 p.m. Men’s finals (winner takes all)

• 7:40 p.m. New champion awards

• 8 p.m. Relocate to Bridgton House of Pizza for celebration

• There will be a kids’ competition following general entry play.

Spectators are welcome and should arrive around 6:45 to see the finals.

There is a Sunday schedule for any competitors still in town:

• 9 a.m. Breakfast of champions at Ricky’s Diner on Main Street in Bridgton.

• 10:30 a.m. TBD post-champs outdoor activity (weather permitting).

The rules of the game are nearly identical to Four Square League rules ( minus the special server rules. In other words, this is a vanilla competition and there are no double taps, body language, underhand only and blackjack rules allowed.

Entrants will be divided into women’s and men’s divisions. There will be competition for kids ages 12 and under too!

For more information, contact Peter Lowell at 595-1434 or e-mail

Preregistration would help with planning, but it is not required.

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