Bridgton Selectmen snippets

Hoyt to resign

Selectman Paul Hoyt announced recently that he will be stepping down from the board in September, when he and his wife plan to move to Connecticut to be closer to their children. The eight-year board member said he didn’t know the plans had been finalized until recently, or he would have resigned in time for someone else to run for the seat in the June 14 Town Elections.

Spirit deferred

Selectman Greg Watkins announced that no nominations were submitted for the Spirit of America Award by the deadline, so the award program will need to be put off for a year. He acknowledged that residents had little lead time to consider which person or organization deserved the honor, which part of a statewide initiative that Cumberland County is participating in this year.

Volunteer BBQ

Judging by the great turnout of around 50 people at the June 4 Volunteer/Staff Barbeque, Bridgton Selectmen agree that the right formula has finally been found to honor committee members and town employees who work to make Bridgton a better place. The board decided that the annual gathering would take place at Town Hall from now on, after trying other venues and dates, only to find a small number of people in attendance.

Taxing questions

Selectmen are checking into whether the personal property of CaseFusion Solutions, a company that supplies health care equipment to Bridgton Hospital, is entitled to tax-exempt status. Hoyt questioned their recent application, wondering if Bridgton Hospital’s tax-exempt status also applies to companies that do regular business with the hospital. Town Manager Bob Peabody said the town’s assessor recommended approving their application, but is researching the matter further at the board’s request.

Cooling tower dies

A new $34,059 cooling tower is on express order to provide air conditioning for the Bridgton Municipal Complex. Peabody went ahead and ordered the ailing tower’s replacement even though it meant exceeding his limit on spending without board approval, because the Complex has a contracted responsibility to its lessee, the Bridgton District Court. Deputy Town Manager Georgiann Fleck is keeping in close touch with the company supplying the tower so there won’t be any unforeseen delays, as there was when the furnace ordered for Town Hall was several months late in arriving.

No bids at 15 Walker

Peabody said no bids were turned in to buy the residential property at 15 Walker Street, which was recently designated unsafe under the town’s Dangerous Building Ordinance. “One interested party backed off,” he said, adding that he is waiting to hear back from another interested party.

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