Become ‘Big Night’ guard

HELPING THIS CRITTER TO CROSS THE ROAD SAFELY — Lakes Environmental Association’s Sarah Morrison checks out a spotted salamander found by Luke Emerson during last year’s Big Night Crossing.Deep in their subterranean tunnels, spotted salamanders are waiting for the right combination of temperature and rain to bring them out of their winter slumber. And on the very night the salamanders emerge, a group of brave, dedicated and slightly wacky crossing guards will be there to help them on their journey.If you would like to be a part of this unique group, join Lakes Environmental Association next Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m. for the Big Night Crossing Guard Training.

Big Night occurs every year during the first warm rains of spring. On these nights, salamanders and frogs migrate to wetlands to breed. On the way, many of them inevitably cross roads, which inevitably leads to collisions with cars, which inevitably leads to lots of amphibian mortality.

Big Night Crossing Guards adopt a road segment and help these creatures cross from one side to the other. Although this may seem a small act of benevolence, every amphibian saved combats the very real worldwide decline of frogs and salamanders and contributes to healthy, stable local populations.

Plus, it is just so much fun. Last year, a WCSH 6 videographer documented this fun and important event. The interview with Mary Jewett is on the 207 section of their website. Look for the link on

For more information about the Big Night Crossing Guard Training, call LEA at 647-8580 or e-mail

This program is part of the Caplan Family Environmental Education Series at LEA. For a complete listing of events in this series visit the website at

Events in The Caplan Family Environmental Education Series at LEA are made possible through the generous support of Hu and Ray Caplan and their family. Dr. and Mrs. Caplan have been members and directors of LEA since the mid 1970s. Dr. Caplan was the vice president of LEA’s Board of Directors from 1978-1980 and president from 1982-1990. Mrs. Caplan was the secretary from 1992-2006. The Caplans recognize the vital importance of education in all aspects of LEA’s work in protecting the Lake Region’s most important resource and asset: its bodies of water and watersheds.

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