A Bridgton radio station?

By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

Bridgton’s Community Development Committee is encouraging the town to get behind the creation of a public radio station.

CDC member Evan Miller floated the idea at a recent meeting of Bridgton Selectmen, and the board appeared supportive of the idea. Miller said he has spoken to radio advisor and consultant Bob Surette of Howell Labs, and said Surette is willing to come talk to the board about the work that would be needed.

The board’s mindset of late has been more geared toward acquiring a high-speed Internet connection in town. A workshop will be held later this month, at which Town Manager Bob Peabody has arranged for a municipal official from Rockport to come talk about how that town was able to acquire high-speed Internet and the benefits that have come to the town as a result.

Board Chairman Bernie King asked Miller whether the radio station he’s proposing would be Internet-based or would require a Federal Communications Commission license. Miller said he envisions an over the air broadcast.

“Streaming (via the Internet) is not available to everybody,” Miller said. He said Howell Labs even has some used radio equipment the town could use. Miller said 100 watts of power would be all that was needed to cover the area.

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