2011 Preview: Lake Region Indoor Track & Field

Head Coaches: Mark Snow and Dana Caron

Boys’ Roster: Taylor Barker, sophomore, shot put; Colin Bridge-Koenigsberg, senior, shot put, middle distance; Dakota Bush, senior, sprints, long jump; Ansel Critchfield, freshman, sprints, jumps; Mason Kluge-Edwards, junior, hurdles, high jump; Thomas Kugelman, freshman, sprints, jumps; Jeremy McClure, junior, sprints, jumps; and Ben Roy, freshman, distance.

Top Returneess: Bridge-Koenigsberg, Bush and Kluge-Edwards. Kluge-Edwards holds the school record in the junior hurdles, but will be competing in the senior hurdles. It may take the entire season for him to get the timing down for that event. Bush is hoping to tap into his long jump potential with greater focus in the event this year. He also is a decent threat to score in regular meets in the sprints. Bridge-Koenigsberg has competed in many events. His greatest contribution will be his leadership and willingness to do any event to help the team.

What will it take for the team to be better than a year ago? The coaches need a few more boys to join the team. “Our numbers are too small to shoot for any team goals this year,” Coach Snow said. “Our focus will definitely be for self-improvement in each event. There will be no pressure to run relays or other sacrifices to help our team score. We will need a few more boys before thinking about that.”

Based on what you have seen in preseason, what do you feel are the team’s strengths and weaknesses? Coach Snow responded, “I don’t think we have a strength due to our low numbers. But individually, Dakota has potential in his events and Mason may find success in the competitive senior division this year.”

Three goals for the team? 1.) To each find two other boys to join the team by New Year’s Day; and 2.) for the veterans to pick one or two events and maximize your workouts and focus in those events. “We don’t need to try many events to help the team score. However, for the rookies (guys like Thomas, Ansel, and Ben — all in their first year of indoor track) they should experiment a bit this year,” Coach Snow said.

Girls’ Roster: Jacqui Black, senior, distance; Julia Carlson, junior, shot put, middle distance; Cyrina Cyr, senior, shot put; Kendall Dinsmore, sophomore, shot put, sprints; Michaela Gagnon, sophomore, sprints, jumps; Kate Hall, freshman, sprints, jumps; Emily Hemingway, junior, sprints, jumps; Alyssa Kepler, sophomore, sprints, hurdles; Boontarika Kittiwirayanon, senior, shot put, jumps; Maggie Knudsen, sophomore, middle distance; Leanne Kugelman, junior, sprints, jumps; Dani LaPointe, sophomore, shot put; Maude Meeker, junior, middle distances; Kristina Morton, junior, middle distance, shot put, jumps; Galina Niemy, senior, distance, Hannah Perkins, junior, sprints, middle distance; Elizabeth Schreiber, sophomore, sprints, jumps; Victoria Waugh, senior, jumps, shot put; and Kelsey Wilcox, senior, shot put.

Top Returnees: Jacqui Black, school record holder in the two-mile; and Hannah Perkins, school record holder in the 400 meters.

What will it take for the team to be better than a year ago? “To do better than a year ago we will need to stay healthy. This girls’ team can score more points in regular season meets and in championship meets,” Coach Snow said. “One injury to one of our key individuals would jeopardize that claim.”

Based on what you have seen in preseason, what do you feel are the team’s strengths and weaknesses? “Our team strengths will be: 1.) having enough girls in many events so that we can have some girls focus on one event each meet; for example if we have seven girls that can run the 4x800, then I can have three of them rest from that event each meet; 2.) the events that Jacqui Black, Hannah Perkins, and Kate Hall enter — each is a threat to win their events at any meet,” Coach Snow said. “Our weaknesses may be in the shot put and high jump. It is too early to tell if the rookies will master those events soon enough to contribute toward the team score each week.”

Three goals for the team? The coaches’ goal for the team is to attend every practice with a thirst for excellence. “These girls enjoy each other’s company and that is great for morale. However, the next step is to have a focus at every practice to maximize the time we have and to improve every day,” Coach Snow said. “I’m encouraged that over 20 girls have come out for the team this year. With numbers come options. With greater numbers athletes can find that perfect teammate to push and motivate them at practices and meets. We have a few girls with a great work ethic. I hope that rubs off on some of the others. If it does, then we will be tough for any mid-size school to beat.”

What the Athletes think

What do you see as the three keys for success for this season?

Maude Meeker: I see the three keys for success this season as working hard at practices, always keeping a positive attitude, and not letting the fact that we have a small team this season get us down.

Jacqui Black: The three keys to success for our team this season would be training hard in practice, staying positive at practice and in meets and also encouraging fellow teammates.

Hannah Perkins: If you want to have any success as a whole team, teamwork and communication between teammates are vital. Even though track and field is mostly an individual sport, the support from the rest of your team means a lot and is a huge confidence booster throughout the season.

Kristina Morton: Well, this will be my first year doing track. I believe that the three components are to have a positive attitude, always try your hardest and to have fun!

Maggie Knudsen: I think that three keys for success for my indoor track season are practice, effort and not giving up. To succeed in your event, you need to practice and put time and effort into it. You can’t just give up. You need to stick with it even if you are not doing the best you could do.

What are you most excited about?

Maude Meeker: I’m excited about getting to know my team, and also hopefully having good meets.

Jacqui Black: I’m most excited about our first meet. I’m excited to see how I compete personally and how the team does.

Hannah Perkins: This season, I am most excited about becoming closer as a team. Our indoor team isn’t very big, so it gives us a chance to really get to know people and make new friends. Another thing I am excited for is the competition. I’m very competitive as it is and this sport really tests it as well.

Kristina Morton: I am so excited about my first meet. I have never been to one before, so I am excited to see what it is all about!

Maggie Knudsen: I am most excited about competing. I have been competing in races since seventh grade, and it is just something I love to do, especially the 400-meter dash.

Complete the following, “We will have a good season if we…”

Maude Meeker: We will have a good season if we try our best. Our team may be small, but we can make a big impact if we’re all giving 100% in workouts and striving to improve our abilities, instead of settling for just okay or average.

Jacqui Black: We’re going to have a good season if everyone works hard and puts in the effort to get better.

Hannah Perkins: We will have a good season if we practice hard, don’t let our school work get behind, and be focused on reaching our goals as a team and individuals, and working on personal records.

Kristina Morton: A little support goes a long way. Having your teammates cheering you on and supporting you will definitely have a good impact on everyone.

Maggie Knudsen: We will have a good season if we all put the effort into practices and stay positive. If we all put in effort, I think the whole team has a chance to go to the State Meet. We all just need to stay positive, try our hardest and never give up.

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